Here We Go!


Oh dear friends, my heart is so full! I’ve had so many things I wanted to say before I left, but the preparation lists were longer than the hours that remained. And now we are officially on this God-ordained journey stuffed to the brim in every way.

Full of Gratitude: In fact, I’m truly at a loss to describe it. It’s been obvious from the beginning that God would have to be the One to rise up & meet every need according to His riches and Glory in Christ Jesus. And He has not only done what was expected, but has supplied “The Milk, The Turkey, AND The Flowers!” (Click the link for an encouraging reminder of God supplying ALL of all of our needs in the ways only He can!)

The most beautiful part? He has used so many of YOU to do it!

Because of your unselfishness and generosity, YOU are going with us in every way… and my stuffed suitcase & I are both overflowing with thankfulness to and for you all!

BTW, for those of you who remember my beloved suitcase and traveling partner, “Big Pink,” I wanted to let you know that she is no longer with us. She gently departed this earth after years of faithful service. {insert Dramatic Pause.} She will be greatly missed. On this trip, a grey lightweight hard case, and a black “super light” bag, both borrowed from traveling friends, are the stuffed recipients of your generosity & my hair products. ;)

Full of anticipation & excitement: Now that the planning & preparation & packing is finished, there is space in my brain to look ahead and pre-celebrate the privilege of encouraging some most-often-overlooked sisters… And there’s finally thinking-room to anticipate the far reaching effects of these sisters being strengthened & refreshed in The Lord! Oh how I pray that they will hear, see, feel, taste, and know that they are so very loved by their Daddy & His family across the ocean!

Full of joy: Just about every time I head out to share with and encourage a group of Sisters, whether it is down the street or across the country, after the stress of prep has passed (and even in the midst of said stress) there is a deep Joy of the Lord that floods my soul. I imagine what the ladies will look like, how they will be arranged, and I picture them with Bibles & without, talking, laughing, sharing, crying, and praying as they fall a bit more in love with Jesus than they were when they arrived… As I picture them & pray for them…Oh the JOY! It makes me want to clap my hands & jump up and down in happy surprise just to think of what God has ordained for each life He calls to attend. The joy over this event is the same. In fact, I’m smiling just thinking about it! I can’t wait to serve these ladies at the buffet God has prepared!

Full of peace: From the earliest days of this trip’s conception, The Lord has blanketed everyone involved with His Peace. As I hugged my family one last time, The Lord IS Peace. When the news talks about the dangers of international travel on 9-11, The Lord IS Peace. When I consider the dangers ahead for the ladies who will bravely gather, The Lord IS Peace. Even when the enemy tried to shake our family’s sense of security earlier this week, The Lord IS Peace. Praise His Holy Name! Jehovah Shalom reigns… No matter what!!!!!

We are full and The Lord is propelling us onward. Please continue to pray for us as God covers this trip & all involved. The Lord willing, the far reaching effects of the days ahead will be without measure. His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you dear friends. Thank you for everything you have done, prayed, written, given, crafted, purchased, and shared. The Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you all.

In the beautiful Name of Jesus~


SCTV – Wives, do you need encouragement today? God ALWAYS offers HOPE in Marriage

Are you wondering if your life or marriage is too far gone to be redeemed by God?  Do you know someone in this situation?  The GOOD NEWS is that in God, there is always HIS HOPE in the midst of our lives and marriages…

The guests on this Smelling Coffee TV episode have the most incredible story.  If you knew them today, you’d never know the depths from which they have come.  In fact, they met and married within 3 months and no one in their lives could imagine that they would last for six months.  But, praise God, they just celebrated 45 years of marriage and are some of the most dedicated servants of the Lord!

Sherry Williamson humbly and openly shares her testimony of struggling to feel loved and beautiful all of her life.  This that desire drove her to make some wrong choices, but God delivered and redeemed both her, her husband, and their marriage.   This is SUCH AN ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

If you can’t see the video, click here.

A few sound bites for those who are seeking the Lord and need encouragement in marriage:  

Don’t give up.  Pray for your spouse.  Thank God for the good qualities of your spouse.  Pray for your humility and understanding.  Pray for your broken heart to hear the Lord.  Pray for your spouse to have a broken heart to hear the Lord.  Pray for your boldness, but don’t nag.  Find a church and plug yourself in.  Keep yourself in God’s Word.  That’s where you will find support and encouragement while you love and keep trusting God to work in your live and in the life of your spouse.

SCTV - HOPE in Marriages

God will always give us Hope as we set our hearts upon Him.

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope.   Romans 15:13 (Amp)



Monday’s “Makes Me Smile”

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  An extra day with the family at home certainly makes me smile… as do these random pictures.  Some were sent to me by friends, others were mined from Pinterest.  All of them make me smile.  Hope they bring a smile to your face too.  Blessings to each of you~

Funny Fall body quote


















the scale




Fall is coming


A men to the one above!  I haven’t had it yet (since we don’t live near a Starbucks…) but I hear that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!  As soon as I get to a city with a SBucks, I’m definitely having one!!!




Sounds like a good plan.  Yes?  ;-)

More importantly than the above, these truths below give me a smiling heart. :-)



Need Encouragement Today? Listen to our “2014 Mugs and Muffins” message!

FBCC WM Mugs and Muffins 2014

We had the best event several Saturdays ago… Our FBC Cleveland’s Women’s Ministry annual “Mugs and Muffins.”  It was a sweet time of fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.  Just what was needed for a “back to school boost” and God’s reminder not to give up! Our speaker, Melanie Redd, did a wonderful job.  She writes an […]

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On an “Underground” Mission with Jesus – and you?

Smelling Coffee's Underground Mission Trip - and how YOU can help and pray.

Hi my friends.  I sure do wish I could spill the beans and tell you every detail about this trip the Lord, a friend, and I are embarking upon within the next few weeks.  But for the safety of those involved, and most importantly, for the preservation of the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus […]

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Monday’s “Makes Me Smile” – the Hot Flash edition

Monday's "Makes Me Smile" - the Hot Flash edition.

And I’m smiling already just thinking of these pictures.  A friend called me last week to tell me that I’d been on her mind a lot lately (though not because of some amazing spiritual breakthrough she has had, or some witty thing I’ve said… but) because she has now become what I have been for […]

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Throwback Thursday: A fav. post from 2010… Wise Words for Parents

Throwback Thursday's Favorite Posts

Posted in mid 2010 – and this is what they look like today: A few days ago, a friend e-mailed me this wonderful devotion by Max Lucado. It hit the center of my heart, and I know it will speak to and be a blessing to many of you too. Parenting is a constant giving […]

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SCTV – Praying TOGETHER for our children and this new school year

Peace and Prayer & Back to School.

Hi there.  It’s been crazy busy around here since our new school year has begun.  How goes it with you? I’m trying to soak, soak, soak up every bit of these last years of high school for our family and am practicing how I learned to pray, pray, pray via a lesson from Baby Moses’ […]

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