“Makes Me Smile” – the Costume edition

Well… Here it is on Thursday and of course I’m waiting until the “day of” to find a cute costume idea for our church’s Fall Harvest Carnival.  Last year I went as a princess and had a “ball” (ba da bum)  As I was scrolling Pinterest, I found some funny costumes that reminded me of this original “Monday’s Makes Me Smile” post.  So if you are like me, and are scrambling at the last minute to find a costume… here are some ideas for you.  These things still make me smile. Hope they give you an idea and a grin or two also. :)

PS: The easiest costume I’ve ever worn was a red blazer… as Sarah Palin.  From the moment she came onto the scene, I hardly go anywhere in a crowd when someone doesn’t mention that we look alike.  (I take that as a compliment, btw.)  Too bad none of the kids at our church will know who that is.

Jen and Sarah P. SmellingCoffee.com

The www is full of ideas… some are brilliant and some are… well… let’s just say… please don’t repeat, if you can help it. ;-)

Like this:

I think this one began as a sweet thought – but apparently a better idea in the mind than in real life:

I really don’t know what to say about this one or the ones below: ;-)

Hmm… I think they all started as cute ideas.  That’s all I have to say about that. ;-) However, IF you want to see more awkward family costumes and photos, just click here. ;)


Now these are so adorable that they really make me smile! I guess this is what they mean when they say “Babies are so cute, I could just eat ‘em up!” ;-)

These cute family costumes are awesome!





This next one is one of my favorites!

This is a collection of 60 cute family costumes.  Some need a little more time than the “last minute.” ;-)

What really makes me smile is thinking of getting MY family in one of these get ups today. Especially James & Nathan!!! Hahaha!

Below are a few other creative and tasteful costumes. They, too, make me smile. And they make me want to beg my husband to dress up with me and go to Wal-mart. But I digress…

kermit_and_miss_piggyKermit and Miss Piggy

3d_viewmaster_n_slide_reelViewmaster and Reel

lego_bride_and_groomWedding Lego Couple

swiffer_and_mud_ladySwiffer and Mud-girl

the_hunter_and_deerDeer and Hunter

flo_and_mayhemFlo and Mayhem

rosie_n_uncle_samRosie and Uncle Sam

the_big_huntAnother Deer and Hunter

loofah_and_soapLoofa and Soap


This is a super easy couple’s costume idea.

Peace and Quiet. One person dresses as a hippie, the other is a mime. The hippie can wear flared pants, a tye-dyed shirt and a headband. The mime can wear black pants, a white and black striped shirt and paint his/her face white.

A few other EASY costume ideas would be to dress like a certain piece of candy (or wear a huge poster board made to look like the candy), and attach a slogan from this post. This is what I may end up doing for our Church’s carnival.  I went as “Smartie Pants” one year in Nashville:

Smartie Pants Costume.  SmellingCoffee.com

And if all else fails, I guess you could go out like this:



Haha. Many blessings of the Lord to you all ~





It’s finally feeling like “fall” where I live. Yay!!! We’ve had some crisp cool days with bright blue skies lately and I haven’t had to use a fan more than twice a week – a MAJOR joy, for sure!  (It’s hard to think about cute fall/winter clothes when I stay at a constant temperature of hot-flash. haha)  But alas, the weather has cooled, and it’s time to think about what’s fashion forward for fall 2014.  The good news is that it looks like EVERYTHING is in style right now.  So whether your clothes are 30 or 20 or 10 or 2 years old, there seems to be a fashion-forward place for everything.

We can be fashion forward by going “fashion backward.” Good to know, if you care about those things. ;)

Btw, I feel a little old knowing that this is the 3rd and 4th time some of these things have come in style during my lifetime… Just sayin’.

See for yourself:
(These are some pics from Instyle magazine, the August/fall preview edition)

Culottes, gouchos… yep… been there and worn that several times! ;-)

Big color for fall = green.  Any shade.  Good news for Delta State fans!



And, anything animal print has come back around again… and again…

The big knit sweater and turtle neck are back…

As well as florals in muted, bright, and pastel hues…

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes…

And the ever comfy boxy blazer.  Or the boyfriend blazer, as we used to call it.  (Are these clothes making you travel down memory lane, too?)

The long skirt has made a resurgence…

So have Faux Fur handbags… I still have mine from the early 2000′s. :-)

Look at these sweaters… Preppy Handbook styles as well as what we used to call “Eskimo” sweaters.  (Is that politically correct anymore?)


 One of my personal favorites… the all winter white ensembles.  This reminds me of college and some of my favorite outfits! The classier side of the ’80′s…

Want to know what type of heel is in for this season?  Apparently all of them.  Square, spike, flat, tapered, wedge… they all remain current.



Camo and military have seemed to stayed current for years… and are still hot this season too…


And lastly, did anyone save their long wool coats from the late 80′s? If so, get them out of the mothballs because they are making a big comeback. When hem lengths get longer & shoulders get wider, coats grow with them. {At least that’s my humble opinion.}


So, my friends, if you are at all concerned about staying current and on trend, it seems like for this season everything and anything goes.  That’s great news!  To update your wardrobe, simply climb up in the attic and pull out that box of old clothes from the 80′s or 90′s or hit the local Goodwill stores.  Or just keep wearing what you’ve been wearing for the past several years… at least for this season, “it’s all good.”  ;-)

HOWEVER, there is one accessory that will never go out of style & that beautifies every single wearer… That is LOVE.

And above all these things {see this wonderful list} put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Col. 3:14. ESV


May the Lord’s beauty be upon you this fall & always…


22 Years and Counting!

Today, James and I celebrate our 22nd anniversary.

For this man I prayed, and waited, and wrote.  :-)  Our love story can be read here – Part 1, and here – Part 2.

This is us 22 years ago when James rocked the ‘stache and my hair was deep and wide…

22 Years and Counting. SmellingCoffee.com
And here we are now… 22 years (with smoother face and hair) later…

James and Jen.  22 Years and Counting.  SmellingCoffee.com

It’s been wonderful “dancing” through life with you, James Walker! I love you!!!

To see our anniversary “dance,”  click here. :-)



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