Because that’s just the kind of cool mom that I am… :-)

This past Friday night, Toby Mac had his “Winter Wonder Slam” concert in Nashville, and we were there, baby! All four of us and some good family friends are huge Toby fans and we’ve been looking forward to this concert for months. If you’re not a Toby Mac (or that type of music) fan, this post may not make sense to you (sorry, Mom). But if you are, then you’ll totally get all the “Momentum” leading up to the concert. I may be 40, but I still know how to “Get This Party Started.” 🙂

*I charged my cell phone so I could shine it with the best of them.

*I took my Advil so my head would not ache with the loud “scream-o” band that opened the concert. (Looking back, I should have brought some ear plugs too – Family Force Five was out in full force – and “Woopsi- Daisy, Call Me Crazy”, but listening to Fam. Force was on the painful side!)

*I planned and practiced some Hannah Montana-ish moves so I could be “Feelin’ So Fly” as I jumped to the beat. (I even gave my kids a sneak peak of me bustin’ my moves, but sadly for them, they just didn’t get it, and they both begged me to keep my moves to myself! I think they were afraid that “Somebody’s Watching“.)

*I wore some “cool” concert-style clothes – including some vintage lace trouser socks (they’re coming back in style, btw) that I was wearing back when Toby Mac was a part of DC Talk.

*I sang every word of every song Toby sang – even if I didn’t really know the lyrics. It was a “Boomin’ / Opera Trip” for sure.

*I tearfully worshipped when he sang “Lose My Soul” – which is my very favorite Toby Mac song, ever!

*I caught the Way FM DJ, Wally, and took the kids’ picture with him. (We did this last year at the concert, too…and he actually remembered us. My kids think he’s a Rock Star.)

*I texted my friends and my children during the concert – just to talk about the funny acting guy from Family Force Five throwing himself around on the stage. (They all agreed that his moves and mine were very similar. What???)

When the concert was over, James drove us home, via Krispy Kreme, in our “Get Away Car”. We were “Made to Love” Toby – and Jesus! I guess you could call us full blown “Jesus Freaks”!

*And, just so you’ll know, “Irene,”…I did refrain from photo-documenting the entire night, and from kissing or patting my son on the cheek in public, and from making the children hold my hands when we crossed the busy street, and from embarrassing them on purpose… because that’s just the kind of cool mom that I am. (Except, I wonder: are you really a cool mom if you’re the only one who calls yourself that???)

“Gotta Go”. Have a wonderful week! Love to you all…

PS: Click here to listen to “Lose My Soul”. It’s an incredible song – and my friend Mandisa sings on it, too – making it even more special to my heart.

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