Frappuccino Fun with Amy: Where, Oh Where Did I Put All My Stuff??!

Happy 2009! I pray all of you had a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Can you believe the holidays come and go so quickly? For years, I looked around my home on December 27th and thought, “Where do I put all of this stuff?” The same things I enjoyed so much for the last month became a source of aggravation. Dread filled my body as I gazed at all of my beautiful decorations and trees. Dread, that is, until I discovered 4 organizational ideas that have changed the way I think about “what to do with all of this stuff”!

1. Pack up Room by Room.

In my younger (and dumber days), I would have rushed to stuff as many items in a box as I could. Yes… Christmas decor would get thrown in the attic in the quickest and easiest way possible, and I would forget about it for the next 11 months.

Then around November 25, I would always regret the mess and disorganization I was about to face. Items would be broken and there was no rhyme or reason as to where anything was.

It is so easy to have a “I’ll deal with it latter” attitude when it comes to storing decor. But…DON’T DO IT THAT WAY!

A few years ago, Richard (my wonderful husband who always helps put up and put away Christmas decor) and I decided to take the time to pack away our decorations room by room. This has revolutionized our decorating process. Now, as Christmas boxes come from the attic, they go straight to the room in which they belong.

2. Note to Self.

I also write myself little notes and pack them away with the decorations. You may think you will remember where something goes, or what needs to be repaired next year, but chances are… you won’t.

3. The Holiday Notebook.

My newest addition to Holiday Organization is a “Holiday Notebook.” This is an idea that I have seen succeed for my mom. Each year she has an After Christmas Open House. One year I was helping her prepare and she got out a little notebook where she had listed her menu for the party and commented on the success or failure of each food. I laughed when I read her notes – she sounded like a restaurant critic! But I realized that she had a great idea!

I have a composition book where I can write lists and comments about parties, gifts given, and decor. For example… “Cookie Swap was too late in December. Schedule it earlier.” Or “Buy new Christmas sprinkles.”, etc.

4. Use Your Pictures to Help You Next Year.

My mother-in-law lives with us, and is a scrapbooker and the family photographer. While we’re decorating the house for Christmas, she pulls out her scrapbooks and I look at all of the beautiful pictures of our last Christmas. What a motivator to get going!

I examine the placement and decor – because sometimes I can’t remember how the garland was hung, or where a certain item should be placed. Pictures jog your memory, so make sure you take ’em and save ’em. (I also use pictures for decorating for fall, 4th of July, etc!)

Taking a little extra time and organizing things with the future in mind will change your life! I’m a true believer that stress levels decrease with order!

Have a happy, organized new year! TTFN…

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  1. OK Amy, I’m hoping you and Flylady will have me on track this year! 🙂 We are taking down the trees today ~~ FINALLY! Thanks for the great tips!!!

  2. Some good ideas. I unfortunately did not pack room by room. But I do pack carefully. I had to rethink some of it because of the addition of new things this year.

  3. Great ideas for keeping things organized! And I love the picture idea too! Saves a lot of time!:)

  4. you are so on top of things! so inspiring!

  5. That is very good advice! Thank you for sharing. I had never thought to take pictures! If I was not blogging, I most likely would not have them. I will definitely consult the pictures, next year.
    The funny thing, before blogging, I never really decorated for holidays, outside of the basics (tree, stockings…). Now I created a number of decorations, they are packed away and I have empty shelves! :o) Now what?! :o)
    I hope that you have a nice weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  6. What great ideas and so helpful Jennifer! My mom died but my sister and I found a notebook she had used where she listed every dinner party she gave. She would have the menu, any special preparations, the guest list, etc. I was amazed since I had no idea she did this.

    Now, I need to go and take down my tree and decorations. Can you believe they’re still up?

  7. You are so right that organization makes things calm and it is always worth the time. Thanks again for a great post.

    Any suggestions for misplacing the box! Really, we are still hoping to stumble upon a “Fall” box that has our cute little pumpkin dishes in it. 🙂

  8. A Stone Gatherer says:

    Alot of great ideas!

  9. What great ideas! I love the holiday notebook….I forget the next year what was good and what was not! Using pictures is a super idea for remembering! Great ideas.thank you!!!
    -sandy toe

  10. That is such a good idea to make notes to self and put them in the rubbermade boxes. I’ve made notes before but who knows where they go!!

  11. I just got on the bandwagon with the Rubbermaid containers. It has revolutionized the way I decorate and I love every minute of it. Plus, I love that you can buy colors that match what you are decorating for. I saw some fun turquoise ones for the spring and summer!

  12. Amy that is amazing organization…it is funny at work i am super organized at home though i am not. And I do your early years type of Christmas putting away.