"Do whatever God tells you to do."

Hi everyone~ Happy Monday to you!

I don’t really know if my “blogging break” has officially ended yet… but this was such a revelation to me that I had to hop on and share it with you. Our pastor even talked about it yesterday in his sermon – I think this must be the message God is trying to get grounded in my head and heart – and I wonder if it will speak to anyone else out there.

Several weeks ago in our Community Bible Study class, we were studying Genesis 31, and I had one of those “luminescent moments”.

Does that ever happen to you? Where you’re reading along in the Scriptures and all of a sudden a light bulb goes off – and you “get” something you’ve glossed over for years… ?

I had one of those moments in Genesis 31:16. Jacob was telling Leah and Rachel the instructions God had given him about leaving their home and returning to Jacob’s homeland. This would be a difficult journey and a major change for these women and their children, yet they said a very profound thing to Jacob. They simply said, “Do whatever God tells you to do.” Period.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. They were in a serious situation full of potential life change. And of all the things they (as women, wives, and mothers) could have said to Jacob – they just said, “Do whatever God tells you to do.” They didn’t whine or complain or try to manipulate Jacob into doing what they wanted him to do. They wisely told him to just “Do whatever God tells you to do.”

What if this was the advice we offered to our husbands or friends when they came to us with a potentially life-changing decision? What if this is what we prayed for our husbands? Our friends? And especially for our children? What if this was the definition of how you and I really lived? “Do whatever God tells you to do.

Now, if we lived this way, we couldn’t use “God told me to do this” as an excuse to do what we want. Doing what God tells us to do requires a person to do three things: 1) Spend time in God’s Word searching for Truth and instruction, 2) Spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction and discernment, and 3) Be willing to obey – no matter the cost.

Doing whatever God tells us to do may mean some changes need to be made, some habits need to be broken, some relationships may need to be mended, and some faith may need to overcome some fear. But if we really lived this way, wouldn’t it all be worth it? ‘Cause when we do what God tells us to do – we show Him that we love Him, and He will take care of the rest. (See all of John chapter 15.)

Do whatever God tells you to do.” I was thinking that if we could give only one piece of advice to those we love, or if we could pray only one thing for those who mean so much to us, I think this would be the one thing. “Do whatever God tells you to do.” It’s certainly the one thing I want to mark my life, my husband’s life, and my children’s lives. More than anything, I want us “Do whatever God tells us to do.” Period.

I’m praying that for you, too, friends. In whatever it is you’re facing – I am praying that every dear reader of this post will “Do whatever God tells you to do.” You can’t go wrong with following those instructions. 🙂

I’ve rambled on long enough this morning. 🙂 May the Lord bless each one of you – reveal Himself to you this week – and may you and I Do whatever God tells us to do. Much love to you all…


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  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I hope you are blessed by this story. I am participating in Beth Moore’s verse memorization for 2009. I woke up yesterday with reasons to be annoyed with my sweet husband. I knew I had a decision to make…because of my selfish nature I could either tear him apart for something I felt injured over or I could “die to self” and move on. As I was vacillating, I went on Beth’s blog to log in my verse and the verse you posted (Prov. 14:1) jumped out at me and the Lord spoke loud and clear. I then made a decision not to “tear down my house.”

    Hope this encourages you!

    Your sister in Christ,

  2. Jennifer,

    I have alot of what I call WOW moments! The Lord has certainly written this truth on your heart. I have always had a difficult time with this very thing concerning my boys. One would say, I am thinking about moving to (will say California just for an example) of course the first words out of my mouth would be “Oh no, you don’t want to live in California”, earthquakes and many other reasons I could give. I stopped doing that very early on when the Lord said; I might just want them in California. So I would as I do now, let us pray, and no matter what I think, Thy Will Be Done.

    Thank You for posting this.

    PS I am using a laptop, without glasses please excuse any errors!

  3. Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) says:

    What a wonderful word of encouragement, Jennifer. I cannot tell you how I needed this exact word. i have an important phone call coming in the next five minutes and jumped on here to see what you had to say. This was what I needed. Thank you.

  4. Great message, can i just say I hope your bloggy break is over?? Doing whatever God tells you to do is a good thing, I think for me I often question if it is indeed God or is it Mel’s desire.

  5. Carolina Mama says:

    This is so simple and yet profound. Love it. I totally needed the reminder. And it does remind me of my in-loves. They say that whenever Mt. Man and I go to these for advice. And we get frustrated sometimes – but you are right. It is the best advice and thing to do. 🙂 So I am thankful I have in-loves who care and believe like this too. Love ya, M

  6. I think trust is the hardest thing for me. I don’t want to commit to do whatever He tells me to do until I know what He’s going to tell me. Then I’ll decide if I want to do it or not. My prayer is that my faith will mature to a point where I trust Him enough to believe that whatever He tells me to do is the best thing for me and be willing to do it, regardless.

  7. Bless your heart for sharing the TRUTH Jennifer! A powerful and life changing word that came to my life long ago and the Lord has brought in front of me constantly ever since to remind me to be OBEDIENT! Do whatever He tells me to do! When it’s comfortable and when it’s not. When I’m sure and when I’m not. When I can see it and when I can’t. When I know and when I don’t know. When I feel it and when I don’t feel it! Just do it — trust in HIM and He keeps my path straight.

    Bless you sister.