A Taste of T.E.A.

What an amazing experience we had last night at our area’s Tax Day Tea Party! In our little city outside of Nashville, it was reported that we had 2500 people in attendance! 10,000 were said to have gathered at the State Capitol rally yesterday. This was definitely a bigger movement than our main stream media wants to acknowledge!

The people we stood with were “normal”, hard working, middle class people who care a great deal about our country and the turn that it’s taking. There was no hatred or violence spewed, but only a sense of camaraderie, community, and concern. The people gathered at our rally were not what the liberal media is calling “right-wing extremest”. They were friends, neighbors, and community leaders who came to express their love of God and country. We were proud to stand among them.

As our children were making their signs Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself: What are we doing? What are we teaching our children? And more importantly, WHY are we doing what we are doing as a family? (Besides participating in this rally, we seem to find ourselves also participating in a boycott of Pepsi, and refraining from spending any more money in Kohls until they become more “family friendly” again. And I’m not even mentioning the other thing we’re involved in right now!)

Then it hit me… First of all, we’re doing all of this because we feel that it is what God has called the Walker family to do. Secondly, we are living this way because the values we hold so dear are slipping away right in front of our eyes – and and in front of the eyes of our children. And the third reason we are taking these stands and making our voices heard is because our children need to see and hear us do this. They need to learn how to “not be silent”.

We’ve all been silent long enough! We’ve been “too busy to get involved” long enough! We’ve been too absorbed in the “now” of life to invest in the future. And, we’ve been too afraid of being “politically incorrect” and hurting feelings – so we’ve willingly “stuck our heads in the sand” hoping things would change and go back to the way they used to be.

Now, we are finding that our silence, busy-ness, and our desire to “not make waves” is costing every one of us way more than we were prepared to pay. (Not only in the expenditure of money, but in the loss of freedoms, morals, and values we never dreamed would disappear in our lifetimes!)

That’s why the Walker family made posters and stood several hours in the cold last night with 2500 other neighbors. We can be silent no longer.

Here are some pictures of the making of our signs. Before we started, we talked to our children about what we were doing, and about some key words they would be hearing/seeing on other posters. We let them choose what they wanted to put on their posters out of a list of slogans – making sure that what we carried was not hateful or derogatory in any way.

We also made sure they understood and could have a conversation with someone explaining their slogan and its importance.

We wanted our posters to be able to stand up, so we cut up a cardboard box and taped the cardboard on the inside of the folded poster board. We didn’t have extra yard sticks, so we used our crab nets from our trip to Florida. We taped the stick down to the cardboard. (It worked great, btw!)

And here are the results:

And this one seemed to be the “big hit” of the evening~ It was even acknowledged from a platform speaker as one of the best signs seen all day. I bet I had my picture made holding this sign 50 times! It reminded me of all the photographs I posed for when I dressed like Sarah Palin last Halloween!

One last thing~ Because of the talk about “pork”, we were all asked to bring cans of “Pork and Beans” to the rally to be donated to the Mt. Juliet Help Center.

And they were to be placed in these “pork barrels”. 😉

It was a great evening. Unless you watch or listen to a conservative news broadcast, you’ll probably never hear about it. But don’t be fooled… The “Silent Majority” is rising up again! PTL!

If you went to a tea party, please do tell… we’d love to have a taste of your T.E.A., too!

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  1. Hooray for the Walker family and hooray for WE the People!!! The silent majority is learning to be Not Silent, PTL!!!

  2. Dearest Sister and Friend all I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!!

    The winds are shifting! GLORY TO GOD!

    Love you.

  3. Good for you! Houston had a rally but it was during the work day. However, I had several friends that went and one had her picture on the 6 o’clock news. LOVE all your signs and am happy to hear that we can all spread out point of view without it turning into chaos. We’re just regular folks, that work hard and want to see some change (the GOOD kind!)

  4. Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) says:

    Jennifer, I thank God that you are standing up in the ways you are. You are a blessing and an inspiration. Thank you!

    I also frequently think of you on your challenge 🙂 We haven’t jumped all the way in, but we are definitely participating, if you know what I mean!

  5. Great~ I love the signs…the are great!
    sandy toe

  6. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    Oh my goodness…you daughter leaving you a comment is just too precious. We were at one with our family as well. What a wonderful experience.
    And since I already have left complete blog post in two other people’s comment sections, I will leave my political jargon to you since you voiced it so very well.

  7. Smelling Coffee says:

    Thank you, Abigail! Your Daddy and I are proud of you and Nathan and of what you are learning!

    Love, Mommy

  8. Good job,mommy!

  9. To use your words, “You go, Girl!” ( :