You and Your Girl, and me and my girl,

and God’s Girl Pearl and her girl…

You and Your Girl was one of the most valuable conferences I’ve ever attended! Vicki Courtney spoke straight to the heart of moms and daughters with some incredible messages about guarding our hearts. Both Abigail and I were convicted, challenged, educated, and blessed by the whole event.

God’s Girl Pearl (my dear friend Christy) and her daughter (Abigail’s dear friend) made the weekend even more fun for us. We picked the girls up a little early from school on Friday afternoon.

And headed for Elizabethtown, KY. For some reason, about half of the pictures we took of the weekend centered around the hotel’s luggage rack! (Apparently, we don’t get out much!) So, here we are with some mom and daughter “luggage rack fun”…

Some of the things I loved about You and Your Girl were:

*The continual pointing to Jesus Christ as the greatest meeter of our needs and filler of our lives.

*The consistant message to both moms and daughters to stay engaged in a “conversation” together as we navigate these teen years.

*The teaching on Proverbs 4:32 about guarding our hearts and exactly how to do that.

*The individual sessions for the girls, according to their ages and the things they are presently facing.

*Vicki Courtney’s “real-ness”, as she addressed the issues she has, or is dealing with as the parent of teenagers.

*The sweet time of prayer and committment between mothers and daughters.

We moms were given a Proverbs 4:23 bracelet for daughters and one for ourselves. At the end of the conference, Abigail and I knelt together at the “altar”. I got to speak some words of love and encouragement over her, then we put our bracelets on and prayed together. (And of course, tears were involved!)

When I asked her how long she wanted us to wear our Proverbs 4:23 bracelets, she said “4 weeks and 23 days” – so, we’re wearing them for 51 days – reminding us of the special time we spent together at the conference, and reminding both of us to guard our hearts.

When I asked Abigail to tell me the biggest thing she was taking away from the weekend, I had an idea of what I thought she would say. But her answer surprised me. It went something like this: “I didn’t learn anything new – it was all stuff you’ve been telling me. But I learned that I’m not the only one hearing it from my mom, and you’re not the only mom telling these things.”

Because of what Abigail saw and heard on Saturday, I now have more “credibility” in her eyes and ears. I’ll be so grateful for that in the years ahead!

It was an incredible conference, and I would encourage every one of you moms to take your pre-teen/teenage daughters!

And as a weekend bonus: on our way home, we’re sure we saw the “real” Mater (you know… from the movie Cars)!

Have a great weekend! 😉

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  1. Hey Jennifer – Just found your blog, somehow…. Anyway, this conference looks like it was a lot of super fun. But yeah, what is up with the luggage racks?! Ha I don’t have a daughter, and frankly the thought of having one scares me to death, but that’s so great that you and your daughter have such a great foundation for your relationship.

  2. What an absolutely precious message and photos. All of you are so beautiful and nothing beats Mommy/Daughter time!! I’m so glad this opportunity was there for both Moms and daughters to partake together. I love that you’re wearing your bracelets as a beautiful symbolism of the time you shared. Awesome!

  3. Kim... and Her Coffee says:

    Oh you sweet girls…. What an amazing weekend! I can’t even imagine the blessings this weekend was for those beautiful daughters of yours. Hugs…

  4. SarahfromWyoming says:

    I have had this conference on my mind for years and they don’t come to this area much. But this fall Vicky will be in Las Vegas which is a reasonable air line ticket from here. My girls will then be 14 and 10. Praying it works for us to be able to go. Thanks for giving us a sneek peek.

  5. What an amazing weekend you had. What a blessing! Love the bracelets. Yes its always nice when our kids figure out we aren’t the only ones saying ‘these things’. LOL Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Sprinkly Sunkiss says:

    That is amazing! your daughter is truly blessed to have a mother that is an avid lover and folower of Jesus Christ!

    Your blog is adorable i love it!

    In Christ,

  7. what an incredible weekend!!!!!

  8. Carolina Mama says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely weekend! That is such a treasure and iwth good friends. I was glad to learn more about this.

  9. Aw, that brings tears to my eyes, and my daughter is only 2.5. So sweet and a weekend you will both always remember.