Guess who I met yesterday…

That’s right… Many of you know (and have prayed for) these beauties. Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Sarah (Nesting in Pleasant View) and her precious baby, Anna Claire. They live not too far from me, and we met for lunch at the Noshville Deli in downtown Nashville.

Anna Claire slept quietly through the whole lunch, and Sarah and I had a sweet visit. Right before we had to leave, this darling tiny baby awoke, and I got to hold her for a few minutes. (She felt so good in my arms!!!)

I love how the Lord blends hearts through blogging. I feel like I know and love so many of you. Thanks, Sarah, for a fun time of fellowship with you and Anna Claire. 🙂
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  1. What a precious picture! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carolina Mama says:

    What a fun time! I’m so glad you all got to meet – and Anna Claire is darling. 🙂

  3. What a precious baby. You three are beautiful. Isn’t God amazing!!!

  4. Jennifer,

    Sarah told me what a wonderful time she had with you yesterday. You were such a blessing to her and I look forward to meeting you too!

  5. Southern Belle says:

    How neat! So glad you both had the opportunity to meet. What great pictures and the Anna Claire is just adorable!

  6. How sweet! What great pictures!

  7. Meredith@MerchantShips says:

    Hi there! I read Sarah’s blog and am glad to find another local blog to follow!

  8. Oh, look at the cutie pie!!! We had so much fun yesterday!

  9. Hi Jennifer, Glad to see you got to finally meet Sarah and Anna Claire. You should try to meet Mike. Mike was Ashley’s high school softball coach. We have known them since they started dating and they are such a sweet family. Hope your family is doing well.
    Merrill Arnold

  10. That sounds like a fun outing! ( : I’ve yet to meet anyone face-to-face that I met solely through blogging, but who knows what the future holds?

  11. Wow sara looks just like a friend of mine. It is spooky how much. Yes there is nothing like holding a baby to make you feel special.

  12. Trying not to be jealous. Glad y’all had a nice visit.

  13. 2nd Cup of Coffee says:

    Good grief, you DO look like Sarah Palin! Luckyyyy. That is a beautiful baby and happy mom, for sure.

  14. How fun is that!!!! Such great pictures…her baby is so big!!!!

    That’s just great…
    sandy toe