Now, we have news!!!

Hi Friends~ We have some great news to share: The judge has just issued his opinion in the case and ruled in our favor!!! The ruling means that we have won the right to have a preliminary injunction. We have not won the case as a whole. A preliminary injunction is just that: a temporary order saying that, while the case continues, we can put up the posters to advertise National Day of Prayer, and we can use the words “God”, “Pray” and theme Bible verses!!!

Although the case is not over, this is a significant victory because, in order to grant a preliminary injunction, the judge must believe that we will likely (not certainly, but likely) win the whole case. The judge is basically offering a prediction on whether he thinks we will win, and he has said yes.

How in the world can I thank you for praying with us and standing with us? When I heard this news, I was shopping at Hobby Lobby, and could hardly wait to get home and fall on my face in grateful thanksgiving to the Lord!

A few weeks ago, I memorized and claimed ahead in faith the truth in Psalm 59:9. But tonight, I saw this truth “fleshed out”. “Oh my Strength, I will watch and give heed to you and sing praises; for God is my Defense (my Protector and High Tower).”

Thanks for being our friends and for walking beside us in this battle. It’s not over, so please don’t stop praying! But, a little victory was won, and I wanted you to know about it and to glorify the Lord with us!

Here is the link to the ADF press release that went out tonight. At the bottom of the story, there is a link to the Judges’ decision (all 39 pages) if you’re so inclined to read them. 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any prayers you have lifted up on our behalf! We’re all so grateful for you!

Have a blessed weekend! We sure will. 🙂

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  1. I wrote to you last night about this when I read your email and I’ll say again, PRAISE THE LORD! God is indeed good Jennifer and you will continue to see His glory move in ALL situations.

    I continue to pray and to stand with you from here. Love you.

  2. Great news!!!!!


  4. O Lord, how Mighty are Your Works … in Wisdom You have ordained them for the Glory of Your Name!!!!
    Thank You, thank You, thank You… Now Lord, we ask You to set all the remaining things in order, meet any additional obstacles with the Voice of Truth, tear down enemy strongholds, triumphing over them by the Blood of Your Cross.
    Another full heart here praising Him and rejoicing with you dears and everyone who cherishes teaching Truth to our children,
    Let the winsomeness of Christ rest upon us so that those who are inclined to be critical would turn toward You instead.
    Lord, preserve us, strengthen and grow our numbers for the sake of Your Love and Life-filled Name, the only Name that saves.
    Thank You, Jesus!!! Amen.


  5. Smelling Coffee says:

    Just read your blog this morning over my coffee!! Yeah! Just in time
    for national day of prayer! Isn’t God so good? Always in perfect time!
    Do you have any idea how long it will be until the official verdict will
    be given? I hope it will be soon! Love you and am so happy. Thanks for
    the stand you and the others are taking, you encourage us all to stand up
    for Jesus and our rights. Have a great weekend.


  6. That’s awesome! Our children should not be made to feel ashamed. Thank you, Leslie

  7. Great news, Jennifer!

  8. Smelling Coffee says:

    Hi everyone~ Since my blog is “kind of” a diary, in order to preserve some comments that have come through e-mail to this wonderful news, I’m going to post them below. Thanks again for your prayers, and please keep on. Love to each of you! Jennifer

  9. Beth.. One Blessed Nana says:

    Fabulous news! Isn’t God so good?