Random thoughts on this past Mother’s Day

So many things are running through my head as I type this… But at the top of the list is my gratitude to the Lord for two amazing gifts He has given me: the gift of my mom, and the gift of allowing me to be a mom.

My mom… I hardly know what to say. She is what everyone wishes their moms could be. She was a hard working home maker who loved us through her words, her hugs, her lap, her cooking, sewing, clean laundry, clean house, her support, and her help in every way. She and my dad were great parterners, best of friends, and wonderful parents. My dad is with Jesus now, but I’m so thankful to still have my mom as a huge part of my life. She is not only my mom, but also my friend. I pray that we have many more years of friendship ahead of us.

Being a mom…When James and I first married, I was very sick, and we were told that we shouldn’t have any children. (For the whole story, see my testimony on my side bar toward the bottom.) However, our Lord had different plans – and I’m so glad that He did! He gave us two children within 21 months, and life has wonderfully never been the same!!!

The kids gave me my Mother’s Day gift before supper on Saturday night, and when we were saying the blessing, one of the children thanked God for healing me and letting me be able to do the things I needed to do in being their mom. I didn’t even know that they thought about that, but I couldn’t agree more!

I talk about my children a lot on this blog, but today, I simply want to say how very proud I am of both of them. I see the Lord growing and molding them into the young adults He has designed them to be, and it is a privilege to be their Mom.

Nathan, our 12 1/2 year old.

Abigail, our almost 11 year old.

As I think about my mom and being a mom, I can’t help but think about my precious beautiful grandmothers, who are now with Jesus. I say this with true gratitude: God blessed me with an incredible herritage, and both moms of my parents loved and served the Lord and their families until the days they died. I’m missing them a lot this weekend.

Another thought that runs through my mind every Mother’s Day is how different this day would be if I couldn’t have had children, or if the Lord had given us babies to love, and they were no longer with us. I know so many women in these two categories, and know that this time of year is very hard for them. I read this blog post via Rocks in My Dryer on Sunday, and was so blessed by the honesty of this grieving mom on Mother’s Day.

There have been a lot of women who have poured into my life, and as I think about them this weekend, my heart is full. My Aunty Bibby is one of these women. She didn’t have children of her own, but loved and treated my brother, sister, and me as if we were hers. She provided for my dance lessons, prom dresses, fun weekends at her house, and lots of experiences she wanted to make sure I would have. On this Mother’s Day, I honor you, too, Aunt Bibby. I love you. Thank you for pouring into my life.

What a privilege it is to be a woman… To have the opportunity to pour into the lives of others~ whether or not we’re the official “mom”.

To all of these women in my life, I arise and call you blessed.

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  1. Praise and Coffee says:

    Beautiful!! I love the pictures and the sentiments.

  2. Oh so beautiful. Really lovely post.
    That’s right, we both have Abigails 🙂

  3. TEARS streamed as I read this and looked at all your beautiful photos. You are a blessed woman and all those in your life are blessed as well. You and your Mom are beautiful and so are your kids! Love you sweetie.

  4. Beautiful pictures.
    sandy toe

  5. Smelling Coffee says:

    Dear Nancy in NC~ I’m so glad that you want to get into the Word, and would be honored to share with you what I know (Not that I know it all…you know what I mean). 🙂

    I’m praying through my answer to you and hope to have a blog post up about it this week. Our Lord will bless you for your desire to seek Him and His Word!!! I’m praying for you, Nancy. So nice to “meet” you here.


  6. Hi,

    Just stopping by for a visit via Notes of Sincerity and I’m so glad I did! What a beautifully written post. Thank you for sharing from your heart. My mother too is such a blessing in both mine and my daughter’s life. What treasures mothers are. Thanks for allowing me to visit.

    Ginger 🙂

  7. I have followed your blog for a while – you are such a blessing to me. I want to get to know God better. People tell me to “get in the word”. Please help me, where do I start, is there a book, bible study I could use?
    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you.
    Nancy in North Carolina

  8. Your mother and your children are blessed to have you!

    P.S. I don’t have the recipes. I’ll see if I can get them. ( :

  9. Kim@Seasons of My Heart says:

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day my friend.

    What a BEAUTIFUL family you have….and you truly are BLESSED!