So many thoughts… so little time to think them…

If you have school-age children at home, you know how full and busy these weeks are! I’ve had so many posts written “in my mind”, and had so little time to think them through and type them out. I bet many of you are feeling the same way. πŸ™‚

So, before the weekend starts, here are a few random thoughts I’ve been wanting to write about:

Nathan: Is finishing Middle School Spring Practice today, with a real scrimmage game tonight in another nearby city. I got my first taste of what the next year will be like on his first day in full pad practice – he got knocked down so hard that he saw stars and his ears were ringing. He was ok. I was the one needing the “chill pill”. I got lots of good advice from seasoned “football moms” about the importance of remaining calm in public and letting the dads handle that kind of stuff. I learned that moms should wait until they get in the car to break down, and to NEVER EVER run onto the field crying “My poor baby! My poor baby!” πŸ™‚

  • Abigail: Is finishing her last two weeks of being in Elementary School. I registered her for Middle School this week, and can’t help but wonder where the time went! It seems like just a year or two ago when she wore smocked dresses and bows big enough to take flight in. She is excited about middle school, and has already memorized Nathan’s “6th Grade Handbook” published by the middle school news paper staff. I’ve never seen a child more prepared and “in the know” about all things Middle School. I’m excited for her to be excited. I’ve been having lunch with her as much as possible in these last days. I hear that in Middle School, kids – – – for some reason – – – don’t want their moms eating lunch with them! This is yet another time that mom needs not to break down in public. πŸ™‚

  • Frappuccino Fun with Amy: If you’ve been wondering where she is, she has been permanently postponed. When I took my blog break, she did too. Then she started working at the Happiest Store in Nashville (Brighton Collectibles), and between her busy schedule and mine, we just never could get it together. She had a birthday that we celebrated this week. Happy Late Birthday, Frappuccino Fun! We miss you and your wonderful ideas!!! Please come back in the distant future!!! πŸ™‚
  • Catching up with friends: This has been a week with friends – old and new. Here are two of my “oldest Nashville friends”. We got together for breakfast a few days ago. I hadn’t seen one friend since August! Way too long to go between visits! I hope to do much better in this department in the future.
  • Shredding: Yes – I’m one of the hundreds of bloggers doing this. Vicki Courtney posted about it on her blog a few months ago, and I ordered the DVD. I’m only on Day 5 – but can tell a slight difference already. I truly thought I was going to die at the end of Day 1 – I used muscles I didn’t know were even in my body, and they were screaming at me. But yesterday, I noticed a difference in my stamina. I didn’t yell back at the TV as much, and didn’t turn on the fan until the end of the workout – as opposed to turning it on during the beginning stretches. I plan to stick with this – at least longer than I did “Hip Hop Abs”. Can you believe I actually ordered that? Spent $60 on it, only to have it sit by my TV for a month before returning it. My kids were embarrassed for me to do it. They said they were afraid I’d think I had some moves, and then get around their friends and try to dance. Of all the nerve! I wouldn’t do that… would I??? I guess we’ll never know….
  • (PS: if it works like I hope it will, I’ll show a before and after picture. But for now, the arm and DVD is all you’re gonna get!)

  • LPM Scripture memory: Are any of you doing that? I am, and am planning on going to the celebration event in Houston next January. If you’re planning on going, please let me know. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post. It’s not too late to jump in. I hope to meet lots of Bloggy-friends there!
  • These favorite people: I’ll be offline most of the weekend, spending time with some of my favorite people. It will be a full and busy household, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it!
    • Memorial Day: What a gift we’ve been given by all of the men, women, and their families who gave their lives to ensure our freedom. I thank God for them, for their sacrifices, and for those they left behind. I have no idea what it is like to have a loved one die in service to this country. But I can imagine. Please join me in praying for God’s peace, strength, and joy to overwhelm those who are remembering and missing loved ones – especially this weekend.
    • You: I’m missing your blogs. The week has been so full of “living” that I haven’t been “blogging” (as it well should be, sometimes). I’ll see you soon, and am looking forward to catching up on all that’s going on in your worlds.
    • One last thought – A favorite verse of mine:

      Psalm 3:5 says, “I lay down and slept. I wakened again. For the Lord sustains me.” That’s how any of us can make it through an almost “unbearable” season of life. If you’re “barely hanging on”, hang on to God – He is the only one who can and will continue to forever sustain you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friends… I’ll see you around the Blogosphere….

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    1. Look at handsome Nathan ! He looks so grown up! You’re doing great. Love the whole post and ‘the arm’ is looking good! πŸ˜‰ Go shred.

    2. Sweetie, I loved all the photos and I pray sweet blessings upon your kids and their futures.

      So glad you had time with friends. That’s important.

      I am about to order Jillian also. Heard about her from Sarah and Sandy. I really enjoy Leslie Sansone but time to bump it up a bit so I look forward to it. I’ve heard she works you out hard.

      I not going to the LPM in Texas I believe in January (so far) but I’m doing the memory verses.

      Love ya.

    3. Empty Nest Full Life says:

      Sounds like busy times, and how I miss them. Graduation will be here before you know it,so get the tissues ready. I have enjoyed catching up, and looks like you will be having a fun blogging break w/family. Have a great week. Jackie

    4. Aw, how fun! Glad you got us caught up on all the going’s on. You’ve been busy. And yes, middle school is a whole different thing. So is high school…that’s where mine is headed in the fall. sniff sniff! : ) I thought about doing the shred, but decided to do a new Wii thing instead. It’s pretty cool. I’m only on day 3 though. : ) Keep us posted!

    5. Southern Belle says:

      Hmmm…I just might have to purchase that exercise DVD. I have heard it is quite a workout and I am always up for a good challenge. ; )


    6. Smelling Coffee says:

      SportsMama~ You may be right! That’s funny. The main difference I can see between us is in the names of our blogs – you really are a Sports Mama – and I’m really good at sipping and smelling coffee! πŸ˜‰

    7. Beth@Sportsmomma says:

      Hey girl! Can I just tell you I died laughing at your reply to my perimenopausal post!!! How alike are we??? And now reading about your son in Spring Football practice- mine is too!!! Thankfully he’s been playing sports long enough that I just sit there when he goes down and think “If there’s no blood I’m gonna chill, and if there is blood-well, we’ll see”. I’m a cold hearted “sports Mom”! And then I read that your youngest is heading to middle school next year- Mine too! Are you my long lost sister that I never knew about??? Take care girlie!!!

    8. Hope you have a great visit with your family! ( :