If I could read blogs all day…

I’d read every word that these ladies (and one gentlemen) write!

The Inspired Room

The Shabby Nest

The Happy Homebody

A Soft Place to Land

Nesting Place

Southern Hospitality

The Remodeling Guy

There are tons more on the blogosphere – but these are the ones that have blessed me and my nest. They have the best ideas for making the space we live in be the best it can be! They champion the use of yard sales, Goodwill, and discount prices. And, every one of them promote a grateful and thankful attitude for what we have – instead of a longing for what is out of our reach. Each of their blogs have been a blessing and an inspiration. Especially now…

Because this week, we’re using this

to transform this (room prepared to paint… I promise, we don’t live without window treatments and everything in the middle of the floor!)

We’re also transforming our kitchen, living room, hall, master bedroom and two bathrooms. Color: Basset Hall Gold. It’s gonna be pretty!!! (We’re even painting the ceilings 1/4 a shade of Basset Hall Gold.)

Some good friends are coming over today to help us. This week our children are at a pre-teen church camp, and we’re hoping to finish before they return home. I sure am missing them… but there’s lots to keep us busy until they return.

We’re slowly but surely getting our house ready to put on the market in another year. One baby step at a time. Right now, we’re neutralizing the walls.

Next – garage sales for new decor to mix with the old. I see a lot of spray painting in my future! I’ll keep you posted with pictures along the way. Hope you have a great week…


Update Late Tuesday night: I’m thankful to report that after one day of painting, we completed two coats on all walls in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hall, master bedroom, and two bathrooms + ceilings in all of those rooms! We’re praising God for the help He sent us in our friends Stephanie and Dianne!!! Wednesday we hope to finish the fireplace and kitchen cabinet area, light fixtures, and get all furniture back into place. 🙂 Pictures to come soon. Have a great Wednesday, friends…

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  1. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Thank you so much for putting me on your list of favorites! It was a blessing to me today, thank you!


  2. So nice to have helpful friends! I'll have to check out those links sometime. I love to work on our house and use our God given resources wisely!

    Have a great day!

  3. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    It will be so fun to see the end result….these are all great sites, and most are my friends IRL – yipee – some day you will be too. 🙂

  4. Oooooo Jennifer! Can't wait to see the end results!! We are going to be doing some painting at our home soon as well!!!!

  5. Beth.. One Blessed Nana says:

    Look forward to seeing the results of this!

  6. Good luck with the paint job. I hope it goes well. The time will fly by while the kids are gone.