Confessions of a "Post-Shred"ded… wheat biscuit

I’m wondering something this morning: Are all of you who committed to do The 30 day Shred still doing it? (I know that we made our commitments back in April/May, and it’s been well over 30 days… )

For me, The Shred hasn’t been going so well… and I’ve come to a few conclusions – or confessions – whatever.

Something similar to a pile of Post Shredded wheat biscuits is what my mid section turned into post The Shred!

I started The Shred fabulously…. Or should I say, fLabulously? Committed to it every day. Was so sore I could barley walk. Even started noticing some mid-section definition taking place for the first time in my life. Was proud. Very very proud. Husband and children were proud. I was like an unstoppable train headed into this wonderful world of less jiggle at 40 than at 20!

Then one day my train hit a mountain. A mountain of excuses. (Never mind that I was actually sick ONE day…) And from that point on, I just couldn’t – no – didn’t is the better word – I just didn’t force myself back into a daily exercise routine of pain and sweat. Life got hectic and stressful and exercise didn’t hold a place of high priority. Besides, it was messing up my hair.

I shredded a bit here and there, but had no passion for it. Then to lessen my feelings of defeat… I finally pulled the DVD out of our player and put it alongside the many other exercise regimens we have on our shelves.

Although I’ve started and stopped many exercise routines, this one was different. My post-shredded body looks worse than the pre shred…

I mean… before the shred, at least my flab didn’t have definition. It never had. It was all evenly distributed… My flab and I – we didn’t know what we were missing. But Post-Shred, new muscles I never knew I had are tight underneath, and my faithful flab hangs over them in ridges – looking just like Post Shredded Wheat biscuits!

It’s affecting my wardrobe! It’s affecting my mind!

And my arms… that’s a whole ‘nuther story! I wish they looked like a Post Shredded Wheat biscuit. I wish the lumps were in my arms rather than in my mid-section! Instead, they flap as if I could take flight any minute. Pre-Shred they jiggled. Mid-Shred they were lookin’ good! Post-Shred – they fly like the wind. Jillian…Help Me!

Now, I know what some of you dear readers are thinking… I know what I would be thinking if I read this on one of your blogs… “Just start again. Get up. Get going. And start again… One day at a time. Do it today. Then tomorrow, pray for the strength and gumption and obedience to get up and do it again… and again… and again… until that FLAB turns to FAB-ulous!” Yes. That’s what I would say to you.

So I’m going to take my own advice. No condemnation. No more excuses. This “All or Nothing” girl is starting over and making a public commitment to God, myself, my family, and to you to take better care of my body. I want to do it as unto the Lord. I’m not passionate about exercise, but I am about God. So I’m combining my passion and love for the Lord with the detestable need to exercise and sweat. And I’m making myself do it!

How about you??? (Is this TMI?)

Are there any Post-Shredders out there who need to re-commit to take better care of the body God has given you? Shred, walk, whatever… just sweat… and just do it as unto the Lord who loves us so much!

And, if you are consistently exercising: A big CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! We’d love to know how you do it, and how you feel about yourself, your body, your life… please encourage those of us who are dealing with the Post Shredded “wheat biscuits” syndrome!

🙂 I’m off to exercise. Day one again… as unto the Lord! Hope each of you have a wonderful day today…

So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.1 Cor. 10:31

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  1. Rebecca. Harlan, IN says:

    I was unfamiliar with "The Shred" but love the title/description! I am in the middle of "A shred" (haven't read enough about THE shred to know if we're on the SAME shred…)

    I'm SO thankful for the grace and power of God in my life. It's the only explanation of why I haven't dropped off the wagon! If I look too far ahead, I get nervous. I'm not a cold weather fan and winter can find me packing on the pounds. But today is all I have.

    So for today, let us together "Seek first and always the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness," my friend.

    I appreciate your blog – the variety, the "heart"….

  2. Jennifer, there are so many of us that need to commit to exercise. The best thign I did was decide to exercise because of how it made me feel, not because I wanted to lose weight. For some reason, that mind-set works better for me, there isn't so much pressure:) I haven't gotten on my treadmill in about three weeks:( So, I am there with you!


  3. Lol, I think there are quite a few of us in blogland who are starting over in regards to exercise. I was ready a few months ago to get back into shape and than I found out I was pregnant. For the last couple months I have been too sick to do much of anything, but now that the morning sickness has eased up I am ready to start exercising again. Cheering you on!

  4. Jennifer,
    Haven't made it to the "Shred" yet, for now I'm just walking and walking and… I can see why you would lose on it though! A couple of weeks ago, I was leading a conference with a teacher who said she quit wearing sleeveless shirts because one of her young students, after observing the hanging upper arm skin, asked if her "muscles were broke"!

  5. I read about The Shred on another blog a few weeks ago and need to check it out!

    I found you from Heart Choices.
    God bless,

  6. Sweetie, I love you and I'm praying for/with you. Your advice that you'd give to others is indeed great for you…lean on the LORD. Take a day at a time. I'm a huge Leslie Sansone fan and I love it.

    I'm so with you on the "arms". 🙂

  7. Jennifer, you can do it, girl!!! I started in June and surprizingly have been faithful walking. I really helps to use the time to relect, think & pray. It is a great time to remember all wonderful things God has done. I just started with one foot in front of the other and now actually look forward to it. The last two weeks, were 26 & 24 miles walked in my neighborhood. Yesterday & today I walked five miles each day. I expected more weight off by now but it is coming off slowly. I've noticed things starting to fit a little better but mostly, I just FEEL better. I know it's good for your bones, neck, back & blood pressure, among other things. We need to get ready for whatever the Lord has in store for us! So let's keep going, ladies!!!!! We can do it!

  8. Jennifer, believe me …I know firsthand how stress can impact us women. The first thing to go is the healthy lifestyle. Notice I didn't say DIET because I hate diets. I too have added a few pounds and am getting back. On Fridays I do a fitness Friday post and join with Sandy at God Speaks Today. Lisa Shaw has a fit blog too and she's such an encourager. I have a link to her Living a Fit Life on my sidebar. So, if you need a little encouragement along the way … you are not alone girl.

    Love you,

  9. One thing I've found is that I try to do an exercise I hate, I won't keep it up. I enjoy walking, gardening and swimming and a few others, so it's not too hard to do those things. I would encourage you to find something you enjoy so exercise won't have to feel like a form of self-torture. ( :

  10. Smelling Coffee says:

    Hi Natasha~ Hope that post wasn't discouraging – I was trying to be a little humorously honest. God bless you on your Shred… keep it up as unto Him, and you'll not have to deal with the wheat biscuits! 🙂


  11. Natasha Vaughn, Designer says:

    I'm on day 3 of the Shred. Here's praying we survive the 30 days.