God’s plans for our TODAYS

I was going through some documents on my computer recently and came across this letter that I wrote to a dear (young) sister in Christ – way back in 2002 – because she was fretting over the thought that her life (as she desired it to be) had not “started” yet. As I was reading this, I became convicted of occasionally giving in to the temptation to struggle with this same thing from time to time – even now that I’m officially in my 40s.

The Lord led me to post this today, so I’m trusting that He will use it to speak gently to someone who will read it. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and speak to you through these words…

For some time as I have prayed for you, I have prayed that God would reveal the truth to you that you were living for some “big” thing God will do with your future, and missing out on the “big” thing He is doing with your “today”.

I recognized that in you only because I see it in myself, and I remember what it felt like to be in my 20s without any inkling of what God wanted to do “with my life” (husband, children, ministry – the three things He had called me to at the age of 13). Then one day, He revealed to me that HE was the “big” thing that He wanted to do in my life. To KNOW HIM more intimately and deeply, and to learn about Him as my Friend. Not so I could progress to the realization of the dreams He had givenme – but just because He wanted me to love Him and live with Him right where He had me for that very day.

He showed me that every day was His plan – not just the days my future. When I began living like that, He made my joy in Him so full and complete that I could honestly say that all of those other “future” goals and dreams didn’t matter any more in comparison to the exciting “ride” of living each day to the fullest through Him.

From time to time, I look at the “future” and wonder how He will fulfill the calls He has placed on my life. And, gently He reminds me to take my eyes off of the future and place them on Him – TODAY, and what He has asked me to join Him in doing with this day.

Where He has placed you right now is where He needs you – for your good, which is His glory in and through your life. If you will pull your eyes and heart off of everything else that distracts you from His desire for you TODAY, you will start to see that Today is his “big” plan for you. As you walk in obedience to Him, letting Him guide your every move, He will open your eyes to the gift He has given you in this day, and you will realize that this day lived to the fullest in Jesus, is worth far more than any hopes and dreams, no matter how noble they may be.

I will continue praying for you about this. You are so precious, and I think the Lord has wonderful plans for you TODAY. It is a joy to watch Him work out His ways and will in your life. I love you.
In Jesus’ joy,
1 Thes. 5:16-18

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  1. butterfliesandbaseballs says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! I love reading your blog and getting so much from it! It's a breath of fresh air when I've had a rough day, or just need that little extra boost in my step…it reprograms me to *think positive*, when sometimes I don't feel like *thinking positive*!
    Sometimes in the rush of daily tasks and chores, we forget that we really are here to do work for HIM and through HIM!
    Thanks so much for the much needed sunshine! You are truly a blessing, and although I don't know you, I feel like I do, and know that we are SISTERS IN CHRIST! You're just that way!
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Kim... and Her Coffee says:

    I love this post Friend! Sending you love and hugs tonight….

  3. Smelling Coffee says:

    Dear Jennifer~ I want to encourage you today… I've been to your blog, read your profile, and see what you and your family are and have been walking through. I just want you to know that God IS doing that BIG THING through you right now – every day – as you continue to walk with Him through your grief. He is using you, my friend, and I praise Him for you!

    With love and prayers…

  4. Such perfect encouragement for me – right where I am right now. Its humbly to realize here I am so "mature" and yet so immature in parts of my faith that I keep wondering when God will be able to "use me"….yes, in that BIG way – when He is the big thing – and my obedience right where He has me is the big thing! So timely for me – and thanks for sharing this (just for me)!

  5. Elizabeth Mahlou says:

    This is a really important thing for people to focus on. You have done a good job by posting it here. Some of it is the Martha-Mary distinction. We know which focus was preferred there. We need to refocus today, too!

  6. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says:

    What a great letter…Thanks for sharing..

  7. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    Such a timely letter for me … a woman in her 40's still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! You're right, we often miss the big thing that God wants to do in our daily because we're too busy looking down the road to tomorrow, or worse, comparing our "big" with someone else's. I want to find my contentment in knowing Jesus everyday and have that be more than enough to satiate my curiosity for tomorrow.

    Thanks for this…


  8. Beth.. One Blessed Nana says:

    I am glad you shared that with us today. It is a great post full of wonderful encouragement for more abundant living in Him.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing that with us; I am always so uplifted reading your posts!!


  10. Thanks Sis for allowing me the opportunity to read something you shared so privately toward her and for bringing encouragement to all of us through it. It is a message for us all to remember. I love you and your precious heart of care.