Sometimes we just have to crush ‘em

I was reading in Psalm 68 when I had one of those luminescent moments. The Psalmist (David) is talking about how the Lord gives us victory over our enemies, and how He carries our burdens day by day. (And of course, within its 35 verses, there are many other wonderful truths about the Lord).

But one thing struck me this morning that made me pause and ponder. Vs. 21 says that God shatters the heads of our enemies. I was loving that and saying things like: “Yes, Lord! You are Mighty to Save!!!”

But then I read on. Verses 22-23 say “The Lord said, I will bring back your enemies…that you may crush them…”


Then it dawned on me. Sometimes the Lord tells us to stand still while He removes our enemies (2 Chron. 20). And sometimes He will allow us to fight the fight and build up spiritual muscles so that we (with His help and strength) can crush them ourselves (Exodus 17).

It made me wonder: What “enemies” are you facing today? I don’t mean people-enemies… although some of us may have a few of those too. I mean spiritual enemies – those God is calling us to fight the fight and build up our own spiritual muscles (in His strength) to crush ‘em ourselves?

I’ll start our list with those I fight every day: fear, self-focus, overindulgence, lack of discipline…My list could go on – but I’d also love to hear from you (even if you answer anonymously). Let’s pray for each other in this spiritual battle we face daily… the one within ourselves… the one where the Lord helps us, but allows us to have the privilege, strength, and pleasure of victory as we crush the enemy ourselves!

“….you belong to God, so keep away from all these evil things. Try your best to please God and to be like him. Be faithful, loving, dependable, and gentle. Fight a good fight for the faith….” 1 Timothy 6:11-12 (CEV)

Blessings to you this week…

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  1. Thanks for this Jennifer. My enemies are fear (which can lead to avoidance when I should confront in love), self~discipline, self indulgence, pride, control…. oh the list goes on. But isn't the key to all of them a grasp to the Lord and His Word. I think for me, my enemies strengthen when I work on my own instead of behind my Lord. Love you……

  2. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    lack of faith…


  3. Oh mercy me. My enemies, since I had to retire early, my main enemy is my budget…what budget, I don't have one. I know that God will get me out of this valley I am in. Please pray for me.
    Nancy in NC

  4. How interesting, I never thought of my enemies as things like anxiety and fear. You gave me some food for thought…thanks!

  5. Wow! Thank you for your post! That is so what I needed to hear! I often forget that God is ready to fight for HIS child, me. That I'm worth it to HIM. And that when I fight my battle, HE is the strength that I have to fight that battle.

    Standing with you all in prayer!

  6. Wow! What a powerful post! I found myself nodding in agreement with your list. The very things you shared are my greatest struggles. Praying right along with you, and for you.

    He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak…Isaiah 40:29


  7. Today, I've been exerting great energy at fighting the enemy of my flesh. Flesh is just not happy with what she has and wants more, more, more! I've been gaining peace, today, just thanking Him for what he has already done and what he is going to do. I thanked Him today for the delay's in traffic, for having to wait some more for the move to come, etc. I'm really starting to feel the thankfulness. He is so good to me. My verse for today "Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Gal. 5:16.

  8. Anxiety! Being self-employed I get anxious in the winter months when business slows down. Satan knows my weakness… he is a good student and sometimes I am too good of a teacher. I give satan too much material to work with. Fortunately my Teacher is the Lord and His truths are revealed to me day by day.

    Self discipline is another!

    I will be praying for you friends! As we stand shoulder to shoulder flexing our muscles that have made strong by our Lord!

  9. Letters From Midlife says:

    This is a wonderful reminder that being in a battle means we sometimes have to get "bloody" in the fight. That's a hard concept for me as it is for most Christian women to wrap our minds around. However, on the current political front I'm finding my warrior side! lol

  10. Such an encouraging post…to keep in the battle! Sometimes I feel like one step forward..two (huge) steps back but I don't ever want to quit or admit defeat! I definitely would say I battle self-doubt and self-condemnation – my own worst enemy, I suppose! – just to name a couple. Great post!

  11. I was just sitting here at my desk sifting through the paper accumulation, paying bills, organizing things, and thinking about how Debt is such an enemy of practically everyone I know. That is one of my enemies today. But, we are believing to be debt-free soon — with the LORD provision and help. On a very personal note though, I too battle lack of discipline…..that's why I have a mountain of papers accumulated on this desk right now 🙂 And I am lax in so many areas that I want to be disciplined and determined — some big areas, but some smaller like sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor regularly so our feet don't stick — HA! For real. And I believe gaining discipline in one area spurs us on and encourages us to gain discipline in the next area. Thanks for the great post. I'm going right now to read Psalm 68.

    Gwyn Rosser
    @ The Pink Tractor

  12. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says:

    Great post! I am so tired from painting all weekend, I would be very happy if the Lord would just do his thing today. 😉