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Can I just tell you how wonderful you are??? Your encouraging comments and prayers have truly, truly blessed me. Thank you for being a part of this journey we’re traveling. I love you and always pray for you as I read your comments. 🙂

I can’t believe that it’s already the middle of August! We’ve had a great transition back into the school routine, and spent lots of time with football, friends, and spray paint. 🙂

1st day of school… 2009. Look at what a difference a year makes!

(1st day of school 2008)



And, spray painting

These are the drawer pulls from our bathrooms. We had planned on investing in new ones, when we painted the bathrooms, but in trying to stretch our dollars, we decided to use what we have. So, I put the method of “Prayer and Spray Paint” to work.

I sprayed a flat black coat to act as a primer. Then I sponged on a black/brown acrylic paint.

When the paint dried, I added a clear sealant.
Then, viola~ the old is once again made new.

We are putting the finishing touches on getting our house cleaned out and ready to sell if that’s what needs to happen. Frappuccino Fun with Amy came over on Thursday and helped me put a few decorations back on the walls. (She even brought some beautiful things from her house for us to use until we know what we will be doing.)

I’m praying for a few specific lamp shades, some large chunky candles, a few neutral valances, and a few iron-type candle holders to complete the look. It will be fun to watch how and where and how amazingly inexpensively the Lord provides these things…

When everything is in place, I’ll post some before and after pictures. Even if we don’t sell our house right now, I know we’ll enjoy it being “edited” and feeling more spacious.

Have a great weekend, my friends… My mom is coming for a week long visit, and I’m looking forward to enjoying a finished clean house, days with no painting, and to celebrating fourty-one-derful years of living this life! 🙂 Much love to each one of you. ttfn…

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  1. Great job! I just posted the other day about my knobs for a dresser I was working on. :o)
    Happy Friday!

  2. Everything looks great! Praying your school year overflows with blessings!

  3. The love photos, it's so much fun to see how much they change! Also love the new hardware, great job!


  4. Great photos of your children! So fun to see the difference just a year can make!

  5. Not Home Yet..... says:

    Oh, by the way—-consider them a gift!

  6. Not Home Yet..... says:

    I have 3 brown earthtone chunky candles you may want that I was going to sell in my garage sale this wkd. Let me know if you want them. Love you. Teresa.

  7. I just love comparing pictures. Look how much they've grown.
    Glad their school year is off to a great start & last time I checked, spray paint & prayer always works. The handles look great.

  8. Jennifer, it's always good to visit with you. Happy Birthday to you! And it is amazing how quickly children grow up. I love the contrast in the kids' photos from one school year to the next. Good for you on the home improvements. DIY projects are a great way to save money. I pray that you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, if possible and Lord willing.