I’m a big hair girl – no matter the decade!

This was just too fun and funny not to bring back for a re-post!


Abigail and I had the best time working on this post! Last week, Linda (2nd Cup of Coffee) ((who I “met” because we both have blogs with coffee names)) did this on her blog, and it was a hoot! There is a website called Yearbook Yourself where you can put your face in all of these looks of the past. Abigail and I did it the other day, and had some serious laughter at ourselves. One thing I’ve learned for sure… I’m made for big hair! All of the styles with smaller hair looked just terrible on me. I knew it! I’m a big-haired girl, and would have been, no matter the decade! She, on the other hand, looks good in both.
We started with picture of ourselves with our hair back in headbands.

Then, we went to Yearbook Yourself, uploaded our pictures, and followed the directions from there. Here we are as we might have looked in the past.

(Above: I think I look like some pictures of my mom in this one.)

(And in the above picture, here, too.)

(I love this look! Seriously! The one above… NOT below!)
(Pictures above and below: My natural look on a humid day!) (What my friends and I actually looked like!)

(And, what my hair would NEVER do, no matter how hard I tried!)

Here’s my sweet Abigail, decades ago:

The men in the house wanted to see themselves “back then”, so here they are: I kind of like this look for James!

James says he actually looked like this above picture in one of his yearbooks!

And this is what my handsome husband looked like when we met!
Nathan loved his looks below – especially the ones with the long hair!

This was a lot of fun. If you try this, I’d love to hear about it (and see some of YOUR pictures). One of these days, our current hairstyles will be in Yearbook Yourself, and we’ll look back and laugh at our “modern” looks. 🙂 In this world of constant change, how wonderful to know that Our Lord doesn’t change, or go out of style. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and I’m forever grateful!

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  1. I love this because they are pictures that I never saw. I wonser if you really looked like that? Will I ever see you like that? Anyway, I loved the post(especially the ones of me!!!). I love you……..Abi