2009 in Pictures

…with a minimal amount of words. (This is the closest to scrapbooking I’ve ever come!)
January & February
(Uh Oh…this scrapbooking thing is not starting out very well. We have no pictures from this period of our lives. I was summoned to Jury Duty, and served on panel # 12 for January and February. Apparently, that plus being a part of a lawsuit filed at the end of February to ensure our children’s ability to use the words “God” and “pray” in public schools left little time for extras worth picture-taking.)
Abigail and her friend Haylee going to a Sock Hop.
Family vacation to Chattanooga during Spring Break.
Tax Day Tea Party
Tax Day Tea Party1
Vicki Courtney’s You and Your Girl Event. We went with
friends Christy and Haylee Gold.
us and our girls - Your Girl weekend  April 0915
Fun with the luggage cart - Your Girl weekend  April 095
Hand in Hand -Your Girl weekend  April 0921
An extra blessing was meeting up with my friend from KY, Peggy.
The next week, friends Laura and Brian from NY came through. It was so good to see them!
The last Community Bible Study class of the year.
Mother’s Day
Good Nate aned Me
Good Mom, Abi, and me
Nathan and Abigail in a children’s musical at church.
(Nathan’s classic line said in a low, slow voice: “We’re just wrecks waiting to happen.” It will be a forever family quote.)
Race to Win
Closing out the CBS year. Some of the awesome ladies the Lord gave me the privilege of serving with and of serving.
We humbly celebrated a victory for our children’s rights in their public schools. Along with that victory came a check for $1 to each of us. 🙂
National Day of Prayer observed in the morning, before school started.
A few visits with special friends were squeezed in before school was out for the summer.
(Amy, me, Lisa)
(Me, Anna Claire, and Sarah (a blog friend))

Abigail participated and placed in the State Bible Drill.

Nathan played in his first “official” middle school football game.
Abigail’s last day of Elementary School.
About to drive out of the elementary school for the very last time, and closing that wonderful chapter of our lives.
Father’s Day
Nathan and Abigail went off to camp, and James and I (along with some very precious friends) got busy painting our house.

The day after we finished painting, we found out that James’ job at Lifeway had been deleted. God was getting us ready for a new thing.
Scripture has been our lifeline. Many days, I’ve written it on my hand as a constant reminder of God’s truth.

JulyAbigail turned 11.
She also swam on our neighborhood swim team.

We did A LOT of spray painting! Nathan and Hunter are spraying some gold candle sticks I picked up at Goodwill for $1.99. They now reside beautifully in our fireplace.


Just happen to have a picture of the first day Nathan got his “bell rung” at full pad football practice. It was the beginning of my training as a football mom. 🙂

Football practice uniform - 1st day
Both children are now Mt. Juliet Middle School BEARS.
1st day of school.

1st game day. All of the players looked so handsome!

1st Pep Rally.
1st game. Nathan is #62.
After the 1st time Nathan got in the game.
SeptemberHouse decorations finished, and staged to sell.

(I had to put this in here. Christy and I took our girls to this “Mother, Daughter Day Out” and it ended up being a fashion show with lots of women in lingerie from the 1970s to present. I’m still shaking my head over that one!)

My Aunt Bibby and her littlest great nieces.

Christy and I stayed at a friends cabin to do some studying and writing. She was there for two nights, and I was there for one. Look at all of the stuff we needed for that short visit!!! We certainly don’t travel lightly!

We made friends with some of the local wild life. 🙂
September brought more spraypainting. This is our chandelier in the midst of the transformation.

Wacky Tacky Day during Homecoming week.

First dance of the school year.
(Of course, we had to chaperone!)


This sign went up in our yard….
(I learned this ribbon accent from reading blogs. Love it!)
Nathan turned 13.

We went on a budget-friendly vacation with dear family friends, the Fullers and the Jernigans. We stayed in a beautiful lake home in NC, gifted to us by friends of the Fullers.

Richard and James after a wild boat ride.

Best guy friends.

New experiences of tubing and canoeing. Great fun!!!


James and I celebrated 17 years of marriage.

17th Anniversary picture

Another precious visit with Sarah – and this time with another blog-friend – Sarah’s sister, Christy.


Science project. This is a food model of an animal cell.

Halloween Trunk of Treats. My Memphis Man.

Stephanie and I were candy girls. My theme: Don’t be a “Smartie Pants, Give your life to Jesus!”. I had Smarties pinned all over my $.99 Goodwill pants. 🙂



Youth group feast – where around 300 youth ate 2000 hamburgers in 20 minutes! It was a sight to see!!!

A photography session for family pictures was given to us as a gift.

Family - ok bw

The wreck – on the Friday before Thanksgiving.


The Crawfords and Walkers visit Opryland Hotel.

Family Opryland 2009
Zach, Will, and Ella. (My brother’s children.)
DecemberAbigail’s band concert.

James and Abi in our church’s choir performance.


Abi in a children’s Christmas musical.


Our family at a “festive” party.


The Crawford side of our family decided to buy gifts for each other from a $10 “Something” store. We sent in our money and they sent “Something.” We didn’t know what it was until we opened the gifts. Then we played a gift exchange game with them. It was fun. Don’t know if we’ll ever do it again, but as we kept saying that night… it sure was “something”. 🙂

James in some Fossil (ladies) sunglasses he won in a “Something” Gift exchange.
I got a Tommy Hilfiger men’s tie.

Christmas morning. Memphis Man in his Snuggie.

And me in mine. I LOVE my Snuggie!!! 🙂
Facebooking in the Snuggie with the Laptop desk
Nathan enjoying his gifts.
Abigail with hers.

Nanny learning how to play Lego Rock Band.

To top off the year, Rebecca’s baby was born on the 28th. William Crawford Turner. (Crawford)

It was a full, and faith building year. We’re so thankful that our times are in the Lord’s hands. Goodbye 2009. May the Lord be glorified in what was, and in what is to come.

Happy New Year!
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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEET LADY! Loved journeying through your 2009 pictures! I am looking forward to walking through 2010 w/ you in blogland (and maybe even a visit in person)

  2. Jennifer-loved your year in review! I love how your blog keeps me so updated on your life. Your family's faith encourages me daily. You and James are such dear friends to us. You live out Ps 31: 14-15, "But I trust in you, O Lord:I say, You are my God. My times are in your hands."Love you girl! Laura

  3. God's Girl Pearl says:

    I enjoyed this post so much. I am so thankful for you. I had so much fun with you this year. The only thing that I regret was not having the diving board contest at the end of the summer. Love you bunches.

  4. bluecottonmemory says:

    What a lovely year in review! So much joy – and with teenagers, too! I want the secret recipe to that! Thanks for sharing your year -it was a beautiful inspiration on joy!

    Many blessings to your family in the new year!

  5. Smelling Coffee says:

    Hi friends~ I did this in Windows Live Writer. I wouldn't have had the patience to do it in blogger either! I could have made the pictures bigger, but didn't know what size they would be when they transfered over here. You can write and add pictures in Windows Live Writer then send it to your blog to be saved or published. I don't use it all of the time – only when I have lots of pictures.

    I had a special time with the Lord as we went through pictures and the year together. He is so good and faithful – and I'm so grateful for all He has done and allowed us to walk through with Him.

    Love to each of you…

  6. Awesome year! You're more patient than I am, I just copied mine in from FB (you can see it better there) and it didn't make them larger. However, most of my pictures are on the blog… wish there were a Blog App! 🙂 Enjoyed it! Happy New Year! And God Bless.

  7. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    Loved your review in pictures! That must have taken you FOREVER! I can barely get one photo to cooperate on blogger. Anyway, if I had more energy, I'd do something like this. It's a beautiful way to remember the faithfulness of God throughout the past 12 months. Any news on the home front? Where is God leading you and your family in the New Year?

    We're standing at a bit of a crossroads right now, but content to see what God has for us rather than pushing the envelope along prematurely. Life is one great walk of faith–of looking ahead and believing that "best is yet to be" (something my daddy always tells me).

    I'm clinging to that truth regardless of the external paticulars that like to attach themselves to my faith and challenge it therein.

    Blessings and peace to you in the New Year!


  8. Congratulations to your family on that beautiful baby and WOW what a year in photo review! I loved it!

    You are working that leopard snuggie sister! I have to get one!

    I pray a beautiful, JESUS filled New Year for you and your family Jen. May HIS favor fall all over you, your hubby and children and for His glory.

    Love you.

  9. Smelling Coffee says:

    Thank you, sweet friends! You are part of God's blessings to me!!!


  10. What a great idea for a year-end post! As someone who met you "mid-year", I really enjoyed this look back with you.

    Continuing to pray for you and your family. Thank you for praying for us, as well!

    Sweet blessings for 2010!

  11. Great pictures! I'm honored to be in one of them. ( : I hope 2010 is a blessing-filled year for you and your family!

  12. Jennifer, I loved your year in review in photos!How fun. I'm sure that took a bit of time to post but I enjoyed it.

    I wanted to stop by to wish you a happy new year. You've been such a blessing to me this past year and I'm so thankful that I've gotten to know you through our blogs. I will continue to pray for you and your family. God is good!

    Blessings and love to you,