Behind the Scenes of Silence

Wherever we are…

Here we are…
At this very moment…

On this specific day…
In this exact place…

During this particular season of life…

We must rest in this Truth: God knows, God remembers, God ordains, and God orchestrates the milliseconds of our moments.

I was thinking about Zachariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1) today~ The YEARS they served the Lord and walked righteously before Him… the YEARS they had prayed for a child… The 400 YEARS of silence from the Lord to His chosen people who for centuries were awaiting the promised Messiah… And that very moment on that specific day in that exact place during that particular season of life (when humanly speaking, hope was gone).

I was thinking about them and about how God wove every detail of their lives to bring them to that very day when the 400 years of silence was broken, and Zachariah (whose name means “God remembers”) was told that God had heard his prayers. They would have a son, and their son would prepare the way for the Savior of the World!

God’s timing was perfect.

Who, but God, knows what would have been different had Zachariah and Elizabeth had a child earlier… Who, but God, knows what would have been different had Zachariah been chosen years earlier to serve in the temple… The outcome would have been the same, but the story would have been different.

Aside from their trust in God, Zachariah and Elizabeth had no idea that the “years of silence” were not dormant. But God was working behind the scenes, building, preparing, and making the way for His answer to their immediate prayers for a son, and their lifelong prayers for a Savior.

In that period of silence, God was setting the stage for Jesus, who would save us all from our sins and give to each of us real LIFE. Our lives are changed and blessed because of the work God was doing in the “years of silence”.

This is a beautiful Truth to me today. Right where we are…At this very moment…
On this specific day…In this exact place…During this particular season of life…God is not dormant. He is working, building, preparing, and makeing the way for His answer to our immediate prayers, and to our lifelong ones.

In this period of “silence”, God is working behind the scenes, setting the stage for Jesus, who will make Himself known and glorified as He changes and blesses our lives, and the lives of others, through the work He is doing this very moment – that seems silent to us.

The same is true for you today. Wherever you are…Here you are…At this very moment…On this specific day…In this exact place…During this particular season of your life… God knows, God remembers, God ordains, and God orchestrates the milliseconds of your moments.

And God is working, building, preparing, and making the way for His answer to your immediate prayers, and to your lifelong ones. He is stetting the stage for Jesus, who will Glorify Himself and bless you and those around you through the work He is doing this very moment… Even if it seems like a lot of silence to you…

May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in your times of “silence”, my friends. Because one of these days, the curtain will rise… the silence will be broken… and you and I will have some awesomely true stories to tell of all of God’s works. He will be honored by us and honored through our testimonies.

Hang in, and hang on… God is working behind the scenes of silence!

“But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God and made Him my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.” Psalm 73:28

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  1. Each day, you are one step closer from a prayer asked to a prayer answered….saw that on Max Lucado, and thought it was great! Can't wait to see what God will do in your family…it will be perfect, of that I'm certain!

  2. Trusting it won't be silent much longer.

  3. Heidi and Tracy, you are both so right! I just know that the Lord is being glorified this very moment as we all proclaim His Faithfulness and Power and His Oath to keep His promises! Love to you both…

  4. What a beautiful post! In my Christian walk, I've often found it hasn't been the times of increased difficulty that have been hardest, but instead the silent, waiting times. So easy to give in to doubts and forget He's still at work. Praise God for His faithfulness and this powerful reminder! Blessings to you Jennifer! = )

  5. Amen! Elizabeth means "Oath of God." (Hadassah's middle name is Elizabeth.) He will keep His promises!!! He has not forgotten. He has not failed. He has not given up! Praise God, even when He is silent, He is faithful!

  6. To my Anonymous friend~ I just want you to know that I'm praying for you. I don't understand why the Lord is preventing you from going right now into the mission field… but we can trust that He has a reason – and it's a good one. I pray that He continues to show Himself to you and your family as Faithful Provider, Leader, and Friend.

    May He strengthen you in your wait… And when He does reveal what He's doing in this silence, will you PLEASE come over here and tell us???
    🙂 Like our story, and so many others… it will be amazing!

    Love to you and my prayers for you all…


  7. Teresa – thank you for the encouragement, And for the reminder that God is already there!!!

    🙂 Jennifer

  8. Kristen~ Thanks so much for sharing with us. Your testimony of God's faithfulness through His silence is beautiful – and I know He has used you in many ways in all of those children's lives!!!


  9. Not Home Yet..... says:

    By the way! God is there!!!!

  10. Not Home Yet..... says:

    I can't wait until we get to see what God is doing behind the scenes. It will be unbelievable! When the curtain rises (and it will) The stage will be perfect!

  11. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It is one of those things that seems to be only head knowledge when you can't see the other side yet. And I'm still in the midst of not knowing what is next or why we are still raising support after 2 years with a goal of going overseas to serve in full-time missions. It is hard to understand why when I say "Here I am, send me" and delay after delay seems to happen. Here we still sit after 2 years of support raising only to be at 64% of our needed budget and my husband unemployeed now for 5 months. I am anticipating the day God reveals all the preparations He must be making

  12. Jennifer…
    This is a beautiful post!

    For many years my husband and I prayed for a child. And yes, God was working behind the scenes preparing my heart for how He knew I would best glorify Him. Many years passed as we prayed and cried out from the depths of our soul. I did not have children… but God answered my prayer in a way that only He could reveal to me. I prayed for a child and He gave me many… nieces, nephews, God-children, our friend's children whom Jim coached in basketball… I could go on! One day I heard His voice and everything changed!

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. What an encouragement it is to know that He never slumbers!