Seven Sanity Savers for the Season

One week from today, whether we’re ready or not, Christmas will be here! Our shopping, cooking, cleaning, and errand lists will no longer rule our lives. We’ll be released to focus on Jesus, family, friends, and the blessings God has given us.

But between now and then, it might get a little crazy! Last year, Frappuccino Fun with Amy wrote a post for us about “Seven Sanity Savers” to get us through the busy days ahead. It’s definitely worth a re-read.

Blessings to each of you this weekend. For my side of the family, the celebrating starts tomorrow! Merry Christmas, friends. I’m so thankful for you~

Seven Sanity Savers for the Season
by Amy

Need a little help during the busiest week of the year? Give these Sanity Savers a try:

1. Play Holiday music when you’re at home and in your car. It’s a mood elevator. (And, NO TV!… Stay away from watching TV because it’s a time stealer!)

2. Get sleep and use your time wisely. Run errands as little as possible, and only early in the morning. (WalMart is empty at 7am.) Wrap your gifts this weekend. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve!

3. Do a good deed everyday – it will put you in the best mood! Examples: Give extra to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer; buy a coffee / drink for the person behind you in line or at the drive thru; give unexpected money to someone in need.

4. Be the nicest to your own family! Be as kind to those who live in your house as you are to everyone else.

5. Don’t Panic – Christmas comes and goes every year. No one really remembers the meal or gift. The experiences are what make the memories.

6. Don’t eat junk food all day and wonder why you have a headachce (I’m speaking to myself on that one!). Try to make balanced food choices each day.

7. Let’s hear from you on this one! I combined a few of the ideas in order to leave a space for YOU to share your Sanity Saver idea. So, leave a comment, and help us all save our sanity this Christmas Week. 🙂

Merry Christmas and have a great week! TTFN…

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  1. Empty Nest Full Life says:

    Great ideas and reminders. We too were without a job at Christmas one year, and oh how our priorities changed, for the good. This year simplicity has been my goal, and it is much more meaningful. I have been catching up with broken computer that is now new again. I am off to straighten a little before doing a gift wrapping project this afternoon. Blessings. Jackie

  2. Great ideas – especially that "be nice to your family…nicest! to your family". All this planning and getting reading…we do it for them and then, so often, the ones we love get the backlash of our stress – doesn't really make sense, does it?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know about Andrew – no doubt, I would have missed that for too long (I'm not on the computer much these days.) Was glad to be able to connect with Melanie.

    Have a wonderful weekend!