Will you please pray with us about something?

Hi sweet friends~  I have just a moment to ask a request from you.  Will you please pray with me right now – whenever you read this that our house will sell quickly?  I know that some of you are praying with us for this, but I just sensed an urgency to hop on and ask you right now.  We have two weeks of school left, then our family will have closed down life in Nashville and will be prepared for a fresh start in Mississippi. 

I know that the Lord has PERFECT timing… I know that He has a plan… I know that He will do this… but I also know that when He places an urgency upon us to ask others to join us in praying, we would be disobedient not to do so.

So, I’m asking… will you please pray with us that the Lord will open the eyes and ears of those He is preparing to purchase our home?  We have prayed that it will be a blessing to the ones who buy it – just like it has been to us.  We have asked for God’s glory to surround this home, and that others can literally see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the presence of the Lord in this place.

God has prepared a home for us in Cleveland Mississippi, but we can’t move until this home sells.  I don’t know what God is up to, but I know He’s up to something… and one of these days we will look back and call it “good”.  He has called us to join Him in Cleveland… and we KNOW He will complete that call.  Maybe He will use you in His completion. 🙂  We would so very much appreciate your investment in God’s work in our lives through prayer.

Thank you for being the kind of community to which I can boldly make this request.  I love you and thank God for you.

“The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it! ”   1st Thes. 5:24 (Message)

“God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful.”  1st Thes. 5:24 (NLT)

“The one who chose you can be trusted, and he will do this. “ 1st Thes. 5:24 (CEV)

“The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”  1st Thes 5:24 (NIV)

“Faithful is He Who is calling you [to Himself] and utterly trustworthy, and He will also do it [fulfill His call by hallowing and keeping you].”  1st Thes 5:24 (Amp)

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  1. Shell in your Pocket says:

    sandy toe

  2. The Brady's Blog..Not Home Yet says:

    OUR MOST HOLY AWESOME PROVIDER! PLEASE RAIN DOWN YOUR PROVISION UPON JAMES AND JENNIFER ASAP! They need a buyer for their home. They need to be together to help each other in ministry. The women in Mississippi need to get to know this wonderful woman of God. Their children need to get to be with the youth and make friends so they will be ready for school next year. James needs Jennifer by his side. Lord, I know you know all this. Your timing is perfect-but it seems like it is the time. Show us Your Glory through this situation! And we will give you the Praise! We love you Lord!!!!Amen and Amen!

  3. SarahfromWyoming says:

    I'm praying too. I sell real estate and pray often for the buyers and seller I work with. Your house in BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I just folded my hands, bowed my head and prayed…

    Your home is darling and I know the Lord is preparing the hearts of the perfect person to purchase. You were moved to write this request… the Lord is moving! The Lord is moving!!!!

  5. Praying for your buyer!! Bring them in Lord!! for you Move! for your transition! Calling it all in 🙂 Thankyou Lord for your perfect timing!

  6. Praying! I know how stressful it is, it took us 8 months to see our first home.

    Hugs and (lots of) prayers!

  7. Promising to pray – even right now. And, just for the record…I'd buy that house in a New York minute (if God led me to Tennesse….which by the way is where my best friend lives and I totally could be happy there but that's another comment!) cause your house if adorable! Someone will indeed be blessed to live there. Praying for God's perfect timing!

  8. Just the other ladies before me, I will be praying for the sale of your home…to come quickly!

  9. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says:

    Jennifer, your house is adorable! I am lifting you and your house in prayer right now. I'm praying that it would sell quickly.


  10. Tales From My Empty Nest says:

    Lifting your house up in prayer right now that it will sell quickly, so that your family can move on to be with your husband. I am putting it in God's hands and have a peace that His will be done in the sale of this house. Love & blessings from NC!

  11. I'll be praying . . .

  12. Such an adorable home…just from looking at the picture it looks as tho it is filled with lots of good memories and lots of love. Praying that you sell your home quickly so that you may join your husband in MS.

  13. Smelling Coffee says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, friends!!!!!

    With love to you all…Jennifer

  14. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says:

    Praying right now…..selling a house is so stressful to me…

  15. Praying now.

  16. Jennifer, your house looks so charming! I'm sure lots of love was put into this house. I will continue to pray for a buyer SOON! I know you miss your hubby.

    Love you,