Thankful for the little things…

Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference in contented living. While waiting for the BIG things, if we keep our eyes and hearts focused ahead on what is to come, its easy to miss the little joys provided by the Lord each day.

I don’t want to miss the joys of the “little things” while we wait for the big ones. Do you? Its actually fun to list them out, so here are some of the “little things” (that really aren’t so little) that are keeping my heart glad this summer:

-a cell phone with internet capabilities so that I can somewhat stay connected while not near my computer or internet service. (BTW, I’m reading many of your blogs, but am having a tough time replying via the phone. Still learning but thankful I can stay cought up…)

-the wonderful family who has graciously opened their apartment to our family to live in this summer. If we had moved to Cleveland the way “I” would have planned, we may never have known these precious new friends!

-the fact that our family doesn’t mind being “close” – because that’s what we are these days! (We laughed and decided that whenever we do move into our new house, we’ll have to have a designated time when we all pile in on top of each other just for old time’s sake.)

-the complete removal of my fear of driving. I’ve had multiple opportunities to get over that one!

-air conditioning. Need I say more about that?

-the time we are getting to spend with my mom, and the help & encouragement she has been.

-you, laughter, family, friends, a husband who seeks God’s Wisdom, and knowing that God has the little and the big under His gracious and loving control.

What are you thankful for today? (Or in a more grammatically correct way: For what are you thankful today?)

Love ya!

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  1. Kim... and Her Coffee says:

    Ok Jen…. I have to be silly with this bc I thought, Oh how wonderful the gift of the phone is! Seriously, I think just having access to basic news, FB, email, etc. We all need to have a minute to decompress and veg out a bit with those! So, I laughed at how that jumped out to me! 🙂

    PS ~ Some of our fondest memories were times in between moves when we lived in an apartment. Wouldn't want to do it forever with a family…. but it's nice to be close for a time! 🙂

    Enjoy your time back in TN! Hugs to you Friend!!!

  2. Hey Jen,

    Thankful that you are still thankful – even after a crazy move!

    Air conditioning is high on my list too, and it's not a little thing.

    A few weeks ago, our air conditioning went out. It was about 95 degrees with high humidity. I don't think I've ever been so hot inside a building in my life!

    So thankful to have cold air on these hot southern summer days!

    Hope you guys are settling in well and beginning to make many friends.

    I know you are a real blessing to those you are serving!

    Miss you,

  3. Great post

  4. Jennifer, while on vacation at the beach last month, I ended up getting strep throat. I had to find a doctor, get a shot, and spent two days at the beach in bed with fever and feeling horrible! When I started feeling better, I then got upset, because I had missed half of my vacation. I was so fixed on what I had missed, that I was actually missing the REST of my vacation! You know what I mean! God spoke to me tenderly and encouraged me to look around and soak up all He had placed before my very eyes. Only after I acknowledged my sinful attitude and asked forgiveness from my family and the Lord(for my bad attitude!) was I able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Focusing on what I did have instead of what I didn't always changes everything!

    Also, I am thankful for your blog, and for being able to be encouraged in the LORD by reading what HE is doing in your life. Thank you for sharing and being so real!

  5. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says:

    Such blessings! It's amazing how much much better life is when we focus on our blessings.

    I am thankful for my wonderful husband, terrific children and for our health. I am also thankful for my husband's good job in this unstable economy, the air conditioning (we didn't have any in our Cape Cod rental cottage last week, and it was HOT) and our pool. I am thankful for the family vacations we are able to take.

    Most importantly, I am thankful for Jesus, my Lord and Savior!


  6. As I was reading your post, I felt comfort and encouragement. I know you've gone through trying times of uncertainty and yet you've been trusting the Lord to meet your needs. You have strengthened me by sharing your journey. Sometimes it's easy to withdraw when things aren't so perfect. But seeing you share the good and the bad with honesty has helped me in my walk of faith so I thank you.

    I'm so glad to read of the good that has come out of this time for you.

    For what am I thankful for today? Right now, I'd have to say you Jennifer. Thank you for friending me through our blogs. One day I hope to meet you in person.

    Love you,