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The strangest thing happened to me this week. In fact, it happens so infrequently, that when it does happen, I start to wonder if something is wrong with myself. This rare and unusual occurrence is: silence. I almost don’t know what to do with myself during these strange bouts of desired quietness. So, this week, I just went with it, and took an unplanned break from emailing, phone calling, a lot of texting, blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.

I would say that I enjoyed it, and I actually did. But this wasn’t part of “my” plans, and I had tons of things swirling around in my mind that I wanted to share. (Notice the many “I” “my” references? That seems to be the problem.) This past week the Lord led me back to a favorite Scripture verse: isaiah 30:15.

“In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength” (this is my favorite part of that verse – but the last phrase is the one that gets me every time: “But you would not,”

Oh how I don’t ever want to miss something from The Lord because “but you would not”! So, I guess this week was one of those returning and resting weeks- and it was good. The children started school. They love it and already feel like they fit right in. Nathan has already been hurt and bruised in football, so my first “football-mom-panic” moment is already out of the way for the season. Abigail is swimming on the school’s swim team and playing in the band, and the “fundraising season has already begun. Its been a normal start to the school year and we are so thankful for the “normalcy”.

The only thing I missed was that “beginning of the year” picture of the kids. I really wanted one of them standing in front of their new school’s sign. You would have thought I had asked them to rob a bank. There was great protest on that request – but one of these days (when no one else is around) I’m still going to take one, because 20 years from now, we won’t remember thai it was a week or two late, and they’ll appreciate the memory.. Right? 😉

God has been so good to us. Every day we see His care over the details of our lives. We continue to live in a “waiting” position, but we have the sweet assurance that God knows what He is doing. I’ve been in Psalm 103 lately, and am just daily overwhelmed at what He does for all of us and offers to us if we will just receive it. If you want to know just how much The Lord loves you, go to www.Biblegateway.com and look up Psalm 103 in the different versions, especially the Amplified. Here is a preview of what you will find:

He “forgives…heals…redeems…beautifies…dignifies…crowns with mercy…satisfies…renews…loves…knows…remembers…establishes… The beautiful list goes on and on. How I love Him for this, and how I want to love him more!

I better get off this Blackberry and get ready for church. Thanks so much for stopping by SmellingCoffee! You bless me and I thank God for each one of you. May He show each of you how much you are loved this week. I’ll be back when I can.

With love,

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  1. Blessing the LORD for His Hand on you and your family and your quiet time in HIM! You have my love and prayers dear friend.

    Remain encouraged in HIM!

  2. So glad that the school year is off to a great start – and feeling normal! Yeah for normal (at least sometimes, right?) and hooray for silence (at least sometimes!) I'm with you – you need that picture but I can also so imagine the protests that would have evoked at my house! I hope this is a wonderful year for all of you – and that all the football injuries are behind you for this season!

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  4. So happy you had a "rest in the Lord" week! We all need to disconnect sometimes to really connect to Him! Glad to hear the kids are settling into school!