Wisdom for our pre-teen Daughters (and their mothers!)

Have you been looking for a great Bible study for the pre-teen girl in your life? If so, keep reading – there’s a give away at the end. 🙂

Back in the summer, a publicity company contacted me and asked if I’d do a review on Vicki Courtney’s new book for tween girls – Between: A Journey through Proverbs.  Naturally I jumped at the chance, because that book was on my list to buy and to do with Abigail before school started back.  But then, our summer … well… actually our lives… got crazy, and I never got to blog about this awesome resource.   Until now.  Because this very moment, I am in my  husband’s office, while he is in a meeting, using the internet on my real computer!  So I can write a real blog post – with real pictures!~  Can you hear me singing The Hallelujah Chorus? 🙂  I have about 10 more minutes – so I’ll jump right in.

We love the Between books by Vicki Courtney.  The books read like a magazine, with lots of color, fun looking pages, and most importantly, revelant Biblical truth put in the modern early teen venacular.  Ab was excited to have the book, and has been doing it every day for her quiet time.

It’s divided into 6 segments, each covering around 5 chapters of Proverbs.  Each day focuses on a specific chapter of Proverbs.  Vicki starts each lesson with a the focal verses and an engaging story from her tween years.  The girls are asked to answer thought-provoking questions on the focal verses, and to plan to apply the specific truths to their lives.  Each day concludes with a fun activitiy or interesting bits of information. 

Through this study, girls are able to do just what Proverbs 22:17 says, “Listen to the words of the wise; apply your heart to my instruction.”

Because of hurried morning schedules, we’ve broken Abigail’s study up so that she can do 1/2 a lesson each day.  Then we talk about what she learned at breakfast.  I’ve been just as challenged as she has been – Biblical wisdom transcends all ages!  It’s funny how the Lord has convicted both of us through the day’s Proverbs, then given us {quite} a few opportunities to flesh out what we’ve learned!  

Abigail’s favorite parts of the book are the “Lies to Wise” pages.  In this section, Vicki lists some “lies” that the world says is “normal”, then she asks the girls to use the Scriptures to find out the truth – so that they can become wise.   These provide so many awesome conversation/discussion starters!

On Vicki’s blog, she has shared a little extra to go with each segment of Scripture.  So far, she’s done Proverbs 1-5, Proverbs 6-10, Proverbs 11-15, and Proverbs 16-20.  I’ll keep checking back for the rest.

Vicki has been an  invaluable resource in raising a daughter, and a son.  She has kept me up on what is going on in teen culture, and I’ve been able to have some candid conversations, in which I sound quite knowledgeable, ahem, with my children.

The kind publicity people have agreed to sponsor a giveaway of this book!  All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, and tell me who you would like to share it with.  I’ll leave comments open through the week and will announce a winner on Friday. 

Have a wise and wonderful week, my friends!  With  much love~

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  1. Christine Vanderhoof says:

    I am looking for a study to keep my daughter to bring her closer to God, keep her close to me, and true to herself as she works to find herself in her tween years. I would love to share this with her. She is 11, turning 12 in May. Would this suit my purpose?

  2. I am very excited to learn of your books! My dear friend and I both have beautiful 9 year old daughters with whom we can not wait to share these books!

  3. Yeah! A real computer… blog post complete with pictures! 🙂

    What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to share it with a young lady (who does not know who I am at the moment). Let me clarify… she knows me, but does not know I am her Prayer Angel. Each year I volunteer to pray for one confirmand during the last year of their confirmation classes. We pray, leave cards, little gifts etc for them and then our identity is revealed at a Prayer Angel Banquet the week of Confirmation!

    You are such a wonderful, generous soul!!!

  4. This sounds like a great study! I'd love to do this with Laura! She is growing in her walk with the Lord and this sounds like a great continuation for her. She loves doing devotionals and it makes my heart joyful to see her excited to look at the bookstore for a new one and then her excitement to start it! Thanks for sharing this with us resource with us. Nancy M.

  5. I would share it with my two 13 year old girls and would like to take a look at it to see if we could use it with the young girls at our inner city ministry. I particularly think the "Lies to Wise" section would be helpful, these girls are bombarded and fall prey to these lies all the time and it is hard to watch. I would love to find an effective tool to help them see truth!!

  6. I have just found your blog and am so excited to have a wonderful resource for great christian books to read with your chilren. I have 4, but only 1 daughter & have been looking for a book for us to do together or with other friends & their moms. I hope you are blessed beyond measure today! thanks for sharing!

  7. Just me~Bobbie Jo says:

    What a neat study! I would love to use it with my 6th grade girls Bible Study I teach at my church.

  8. Good Morning…this study just sounds wonderful and I would love to do it with my granddaughter who just turned 10. I also have a niece who will be 11 and she would greatly benefit from it too. Her birthday is coming up and what a wonderful gift this would be. Thanks for the heads up on this. Blessings, Debbie

  9. Jennifer –

    I just wanted to tell you what a blessing you were to me today!! Checking my blog comments – I received yours from yesterday. God so used that one (simple!) comment to truly bless my heart. To simply have someone acknowledge my achy mama's heart – as all of Tyler's friends have headed off to their new schools – is really wonderful. I so appreciate your prayers – and that sweet gift of a comment!!

    Being an empty-nester myself:), I do know two friends with sweet girlies with whom I would love to share this book. My bestest friend actually lives in Nashville:) We do a Bible study together – getting together once a week over the phone – and I know she would LOVE to do one with her daughter as well.

    Have a great week – and thank you for being such a blessing:)

  10. Jennifer, you are such a sweet inspiration to me. I miss having you close already. I would love to do this study with Sarah(she just turned 10). In my unorganized reality it would probably take us 3times longer to do it, but in my fantasy world of perfection & organization you are my hero!!Thanks for sharing God's trials and triumphs in your life! love, Laney