Attitude Gratitude Challenge

Happy November 1st! I can hardly believe we are entering the 11th month of this year! Where has the time gone??? (I’m thinking its true – what they say about how the older you get, the faster time seems to fly!)

I hope you are getting off to a good start on your Monday. We are dragging a little in the Walker household (and in many Cleveland households today, I’m sure!). Our church performed Judgment House 4 nights this past week & its was an awesome ministry! Over 1200 people came through, & over 70 people prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord! And, about that many rededicated their lives to Him, deciding to give Jesus His rightful place and priority. We are praising The Lord for what He has done & will continue to do in the lives He touched!!! … Yes, we are praising The Lord, but today we are doing it through tired eyelids – we’ve been getting home around 10:45/11:00 each night!

I ran out of space in my Quiet Time notebook yesterday, and had to start a new book today. I thought it was kind of a neat day to start a new book… The first day of a new month…the first days in a new home…the beginning of a new work God has for our family as we settle down in our new life here. God’s timing is always perfect, and getting to start a new journal today was a special & sentimental moment.

{OK…None of that really had anything at all to do with what I hopped on here to share today… BTW, I’m still blogging from my blackberry – our internet isn’t working… My thumbs will never be the same! 😉 }

Here is what I really wanted to share with you today:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Praise and Thanksgiving – and about what true antidotes they are for a downcast and discouraged and weary spirit.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and although we may loathe to admit it, they aren’t always the “happy” times we dream of them being. We don’t always have a “joy-filled” heart during these two very busy & somewhat stressful upcoming months. Do we? So I want to issue a challenge to you & me:

For these next two months, EVERYDAY let’s record either a PRAISE to God for Who He is, or a THANKSGIVING to God for what He has done. Just (or at least) one a day.

You can record it on a piece of paper & keep it posted in your kitchen, you can post it on your blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, you can get your family to participate, or your friends at work or school… However you want to do it, the challenge is to every day add one praise or thanksgiving to your list and make a conscious choice to “Praise the Lord…all you people!” And to “Give thanks to The Lord, for He is good…” (Psalm 117:1, 118:1)

Why? Adoration of Jesus & Gratitude to Him are automatic Joy-Magnets for the heart. They move our focus from where it usually is to where it needs to be.

I’ll be recording mine in my QT journal, & posting it on Twitter, (with hashtag #AttitudeGratitudeChallenge). Our family is also going to be keeping a list on our refrigerator, where we’ll take turns filling in our praises and thanksgivings.

What a treasure we will have by the time Thanksgiving comes along! And by the time we celebrate Christ’s birth, we’ll have a wealth of evidence of the precious Gifts God has given to us in and through and because of His Son, Jesus.

Will you join me? Maybe God will lead you to pass along this challenge to those in your life. I’m looking forward to how God will be honored and blessed, and in turn, the difference this will make on our lives as we close out 2010 in praise and thanksgiving!

“Oh, that men would praise [and confess to] the Lord for his goodness and loving-kindness and His wonderful works to the children of men!

For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalm 107:8-9

Much love to you all… And happy Praise and Thanksgiving!

PS: here is my 1st #AttitudeGratitudeChallenge : The ways God makes His love & the awareness of His presence obvious.

(What a gift! Thank You, Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit that we are not alone!)

Edited: January 4, 2011… It was a wonderful family activity!  We kept this list on the refrigerator, and every day one of us filled in the blank.  I just took it down and filed it away.  This new year, because it’s now a habit, Nathan and Abigail are adding this as a part of their daily quiet times.  They’ll be listing 3 things a day for which they are thankful.  This started them on a habit that will be lifechanging, because it is always attitude-changing when we thank The Lord.  🙂 

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  1. Just now reading this, and I am in! This morning I did a search for the phrase "in the morning" in the Bible to see what I could find and the thing that sticks out is praising God and offering up the offering of thanksgiving; praising Him today for His mercies that are new every morning. Thank you for your words and example. I think of you often.

  2. I am so thankful for you my friend! Praising Him who has brought us together via blogland – if it weren't for the internet we might not have gotten to know each other this side of heaven!!!

  3. I have to echo those thoughts – how impressive it is that you can blog an entire post from your blackberry. I'm tellin' you…one five word text from my phone (which is ancient!) takes so much time..the message really loses its importance to me. It is so aggravating…and I look at all those words..with punctuation even! that post! Mercy.

    Praise the Lord for all the great decisions – especially for salvation – this week! Now that is a praise…

    Love your challenge:)

  4. Empty Nest Full Life says:

    I am doing daily postings during the month of November for all that I am thankful for. I need the right attitude when the holidays roll around so I too am spending time cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Jackie

  5. Hi Jen! So fun to read a post from you. It sounds like you are all settling in and making friends. SO happy for you all. I LOVE this idea! LOVE it…. just what my soul needs to prepare for the holidays. Love and hugs from me to you tonight!!!

  6. I SO love this and I SO love you! I'll check the twitter to join in.

    Love you.

  7. Jennifer, you always have such a thankful heart. Have you considered joining up with us for the 2010 Giving Thanks Challenge? It's the fourth year of giving thanks each day during November. I will check out the Twitter hashtags though too.

    Love you,

  8. I love this!!!! I was just thinking of something I did a couple of years ago and wanted to do it agin this year! i am joining in on praising God!!!

  9. Wow, what a great time and watching so many accept the Lord. Amen! What exactly is Judgement House? We had something at our church called 'Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames." Is it comparable or something entirely different?

  10. I think this is just a wonderful idea and I have thinking about doing a similiar type thing for a couple of weeks now. I think maybe the Lord has been talking to a few hearts about a season of praise and thanks. It is just soo true of course. The more I look for my blessings, and thank and praise Him, the more I am blessed. You called it "joy magnets" and it is just soo true. I am not sure where I will be posting my list, but posting it somewhere I will. Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

  11. Jenn,
    I'm just impressed that you're doing all your blogging by Blackberry! Whew! Go Girl! Thanks for the encouragement about Praise and Thanksgiving–good to re-focus us on the positives of our Jesus-relationship! Thanks again!