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How’s the first week of the year going for you?  Can you believe we’re already 5+ days into the new year???  Our children start back to school today (Wednesday), and I’m looking forward to seeing what God brings our way as we settle into a “normal” routine here in our new home in Cleveland, MS. 

Did any of you catch the live feeds of this year’s Passion Conference?  I’m still pondering many things I heard the speakers deliver… Especially Andy Stanley’s message.  I’m sure that one day soon, you’ll be able to google “Andy Stanley Passion 2011 Atlanta” and hear his message.  It goes right along with what God is speaking into my heart for my life and the lives of our family for this new year.  When I can process it better, I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it. 🙂  We gathered our children (12 1/2, and 14 around the computer Monday night and Tuesday morning to listen to the conference as a family.  How I pray that the truths our children heard at their ages will burn into their lives and make a true difference in the way they think and the choices they make from now on and forever!

Speaking of making wise choices… I’m joining Beth Moore’s LPM Scripture Memory team again this year, and am looking forward to bonding with over 7000 women committed to hide God’s Word in their hearts this year.  It’s not too late to join.  Just go to this post for instructions.  I’d love to go to the end of the year celebration… but at this point in my life, I can say that only The Lord knows the plans He has for me at that time… I’m having a hard time filling in my next week’s calendar pages.  Because…

Personally, I feel like I’m on the edge of something different coming into my life… but I’m not quite sure what it is.  I just feel like it’s {something}.  Ever felt that way?  I had that same feeling a few years ago, and boy, did God bring something different!  I feel like I’m still settling down from that huge life-change… but haven’t quite landed where I’m personally to be planted for a while.  Until God reveals it to us and opens those doors, I’m seeking to be content to wait and trust and appreciate what “today” holds, making the most of my time as it is.  (Of corse, physically, we have landed, PTL! …In fact… I’m working on a post right now with pictures of our new house and town.  Hopefully it will be ready on Friday!)

So, while I’ve got the time, I’m doing a little blog updating and cleaning up.  One day, I’d love a blog makeover… but for now, here’s the “Meet SmellingCoffee” page I recently remade.

I’ll always consider it a privilege and an honor to share life with each of you.

Hope you have a great rest of the week, sweet friends…

Meet SmellingCoffee Page 

Hi friends.  I’m so glad you stopped by SmellingCoffee.  I’m Jennifer ~ A daughter of The King, the wife of a wise and wonderful husband {who serves The Lord as a Minister of Education in the local church}, and the mother of two awesome early-teen-age blessings from the Lord. 

We have just recently relocated from Nashville, TN to Cleveland, Mississippi, and are adjusting to the joys and the changes of living in a small town.  We feel like we are fitting in well, and I personally absolutely L.O.V.E. it that we can get from one place to another in under 5 minutes!!! 😉  God has given us sweet new friends and new opportunities and new energy for this new life.  We are humbly grateful for where God has placed us and for His plans for our family as our children complete their “growing up” years here. 

2010 was a year of trial, testing, and tons of growth for our family, and God has graciously been Who He says He is to us – our Savior, our Leader, our Provider, our Protector, our Strength, and our Joy.  As we seek Him individually and as a family, He is pouring Himself and His Word into our lives.  Oh how I pray that we are receiving and learning and applying all He offers to us!

As we look ahead into 2011, only The Lord knows what lies ahead… but one thing we can know for sure is that whatever it is, God will use it in a way that will be good… Because that’s WHO He is… God is Good.  As I share from our daily lives about Faith, Family, Food, Fun, Life, Love, and Living it All through Jesus Christ, my prayer is that the fragrance of Christ Jesus will permeate all that is posted here, that God will be glorified through this blog, and that you’ll be blessed as you read it.

Thank you for being a part of my life.  I thank God for, and pray for each reader.  May this be all of our testimonies in 2011…

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”  (Philippians 2:13, NLT)

“And we know that that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Yea!… and Yes…Yes He does!!!!!

In Jesus’ joy… Jennifer

The Walker family ~ Christmas 2010 ~ Nathan (14), Abigail (12 1/2), Jennifer, and James

About SmellingCoffee

I'm a Jesus-loving, husband-loving, family-loving minister's wife and mom to two college kids, making our home and serving our Lord in the Mississippi Delta. I study, teach, speak, and write for the greatest Boss in the universe. "Faith, Family, Food, Fun, and Living Life brewed in the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ in every place": That's what you'll find at SmellingCoffee.com


  1. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    I certainly know the feeling of standing on the edge of something new… I can hardly process all that's going on inside of me. We made a ministry move last June, knowing that it was time for a move. That being said, almost as soon as we arrived here, I received my diagnosis.

    I haven't been able to bond with our new church very much. It's a small congregation with huge expectations, and while we're sitting smack dab in the middle of the 4th largest city in NC, we barely have 70 people on Sunday mornings. My heart is torn for so many reasons; I've never been so lonely, and of all times, a cancer season! That being said, I've grown very dependent on my family and the Lord and the intimacy has been sweet and rich.

    I pray you quickly find roots in your new town; it sounds so Hallmark–much like the town I grew up in. And a coffee shop so close… my you'll have rich table time with friends before too long.

    Keep writing your stories; I'll be around for a listen!


  2. Smelling Coffee says:

    Hi Lisa V~ so glad you like the blog and the picture. That's actually my Bible and real coffee mug… two of my favorite things. 🙂


  3. HI Sister! So glad you stopped by my blog today . . .I can tell you the Lord was speaking loudly to me through it. LOVE your family Christmas pic! Praying this year is abundantly blessed for ALL of you!
    Big Hugs!

  4. Kim @ Quit Eating Out {Recipes to Make Dining Out a Choice, Not a Chore} says:

    Hey Friend! Love your new page. Oh I wish I had thought to listen with our family to Passion. Some dear, young friends (early 20's) did go, so I'm hoping to make a dinner and have them over to share. Hugs to you today my sweet Friend!

  5. I am memorizing scripture with the LPM blog as well! When I looked this morning there were 8,002 comments!! That just thrills my heart!! I went to Houston for the celebration last year and have started saving for 2012, but as you say Jennifer, God knows the plans He has for me. Your blog is a blessing each time I come by to read it. Thanks for sharing your life journey with us. Maybe we'll get to meet in person in Houston!! lol

  6. I too am joining Beth Moore’s LPM Scripture Memory Team. It’s so exciting to part of! Equally as thrilled am I is to follow your blog through the new year. I pray that God’s hand directs, guides and blesses you and your family this year. You guys are a good looking group. ; ) P.S. Love your current blog header picture. I’m using it now for both my work and home computer desktop background. Some coffee and bible is always GOOD to me.