Need a boost of lasting energy today?

Hello sweet friends. Today, I’m KISS blogging (Keeping It Short & Simple. Hope you’re off to a super start to the week! Can you Believe we are heading into March already? Seems like it was Christmas just a few weeks ago!!!

I’m back to blogging from my Blackberry for a few days. While we were out of town experiencing one huge storm, another one blew through Cleveland, MS. Since then, our internet has been down. Boo. We’re working on it, but it may be a few days till we’re back online.

I just had one thing I wanted to share today – something that might be a helpful reminder for a Monday morning – or any time of the week:

If you feel sluggish, or weary, or exhausted and need a boost of energy today, The Amplified Version of Scripture in Psalm 119:25 & Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God’s Word REVIVES, STIMULATES, IS ALIVE, FULL OF POWER, ENERGIZING, & EFFECTIVE!

For a dose of Spirit-filled energy, go to God’s Word! Read His Word, drinking it in, while asking God to open your eyes (Psalm 119:18) & to open your mind (Luke 24:45) to understand what He is saying specifically to you!

Where to start? Try the book of James, or John or Proverbs or Philippians. Psalm or Ephesians or Colossians.

When God speaks His Powerful, dynamic Word to us, its energizing & effective – better than a 5 hour energy drink, & {dare I say it..?} more stimulating than a cup or two or ten of hazelnut coffee!

I’m praying for each reader, asking God to call us to His Power-filled Word, and to shine through each of us today!

Blessings of The Lord Jesus Christ to all of you~


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  1. Empty Nest Full Life says:

    I am reading through the Bible with our church, and you are so right, it refreshes, revives, and I am finding very often that it corrects. Oh the blessings of being in the word! Jackie

  2. God has called me for a season to spend time with just my Bible, and Him. Most of the time I am in a group study but for right now I believe He wants me to just be in the Word with Him!
    It is very refreshing, even though I love to be in a group study, people person that I am:-)

  3. fantastic & refreshing post today!