Random thoughts as I sit at my computer. Yes…I am a complex creature.

Happy Monday morning, friends~  What’s on your mind as you start your week?  Want to know what’s on mine?  (If not, just skip this post and listen to Natalie Grant’s wonderful song below.  It’s an older song, but its been on my mind this weekend as I’ve prayed for some friends and family who are needing to be held by God. Beautiful.)  But if you are so inclined to read a bunch of randomness… put your waders on – these are deep thoughts, people… deep, deep thoughts…

1. My hair. I haven’t yet found that one, special help-meet God has for my hair here in Cleveland. I know she/he is out there… and I’m praying for her/him and hoping to meet her/him soon. I’ve been searching, asking, meeting, and trying, but haven’t found “the one”. Some people are praying for and waiting on a husband. Some are praying for and waiting on children. I’m praying for and waiting on a hair dresser!

God has given me “high maintenance hair” and I honestly do depend on Him to help me fix it each day. I don’t take any credit for it – I gave my hair to God in the 7th grade, and ever since, He’s done a great job, and He uses it for His glory. (You’d not believe the number of conversations that lead to prayer and praising God in the grocery stores that begin with the simple question: “Who does your hair?”) (You also can’t imagine the varied looks I get when I tell them that God does it! Ha ha!) God does do my hair. But it needs human scissors and Redkin color about every 4 weeks or so. I’m praying about what to do with it… wondering if I’m to let it grow into a lower-maintenance hair do that will be easier to maintain. Such deep and life-altering questions… I know…how will I ever sleep tonight??? (grin)

2. This beautiful weather. Spring has sprung – at least for this past week. We were out of school on snow day Thursday before last, and this past Thursday, we were in shorts and flip flops. Go figure! Everyone’s painting their toenails and digging out their sandals. The flowers are budding, breeze is blowing, and we’re gratefully enjoying it for as long as we have it. James spent the weekend getting our yard shaped up. Someone told us that it’s been about 5 years since it was groomed. It honestly looked like a handsome man who hasn’t had a haircut and shave for months. But after this weekend, it’s been to the barber. (And somehow, we’re back on hair…) We’re looking forward to seeing what was lovingly planted in our yard by the dear couple who lived in this house for over 60 years.

3. Mosquitoes. Seriously. They are already out – and they are HUGE! I’ve never seen such ginormous mosquitoes in all my life until moving to the Delta! (One of these days, I’ll get a picture of one next to a ruler. You’ll see…) And apparently, they don’t die over the winter. They lie in wait underneath leaves on the ground, seeking whom they may devour. When one goes to clean up said yard, they attack! The nerve! Mosquitoes in February are just offensive!

4. A new Sunday night supper tradition – maybe. Cereal. I know families who come in from church, after a long day, and enjoy a bowl of cereal for supper. We’ve just never been one of them. Don’t know why. However, on Sunday, cereal for supper was on my mind. I didn’t offer it to the family, though, because I’m not that great of a morning breakfast mom, and cereal is on the table at least 2-3 mornings a week. I felt like I was copping out by offering it for supper too. But then James said, “Do you know what I’d like for supper tonight? Cereal.” – PTL! So that’s what we did. We got our biggest bowls, and let everyone have at it with their favorite kind. I don’t know if this will become a true tradition – but it was the easiest Sunday night supper I’ve ever made! 😉

5. Delilah. As in Sampson and Delilah. And as in the power of a woman’s ways. Last week in our Master Life 2 homework, we read some of the story of Sampson and Delilah (Judges 16:15-30), and the thought struck me, not for the first time, that we women can vex a man or child literally to death. We can nag, nag, nag after them until their resolve to honor their God-given strength and make the right choices for the right reasons is drained. Often they’ll change, just so we’ll be quiet. Oh, how I don’t want to do that to my husband or children. We carry tremendous power over those in our lives. Women are not weaker– we just get things done in a different way… Actually, in a more dangerous way – behind closed doors of the home.

My challenge this week is to not “vex” my husband and children into giving in to what I want from them – even if I think it is beneficial. Instead, I will pray for them, asking God to speak and convict. And I will try to be quiet. I will pray that their hearts and minds will be teachable and responsive to The Holy Spirit. (Mine, too!) I want all of us to operate within the strength God has given us – sans the nagging. Can I do it? Oh, I pray so – with the help of The Holy Spirit, and the closing of my mouth, and the surrender of my precious family to The Lord – who is All Capable.

There.  That’s some of what’s swirling around in my brain as I type.  I feel better.  How about you? (grin)   I’d share more, but I’d probably “vex” you to death. 😉

I pray that you have a great week, my beautiful complex friends, and that you use the amazing power God has given you as a woman to be an Esther, and not a Delilah.  Love ya~


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  1. You are too funny. Of all things …hair! LOL. I have to say you always look so put together and cute in all of your photos. But I guess people don't know how much work goes into it all, right? I remember mosquitos from growing up on Long Island in NY. We used to have trucks that drove around all summer spraying. I doubt they do that now though.

    However, it sounds like you are settling into your new home and church. Yay God! I've missed you lately but so glad you stopped by on my mom's anniversary to heaven.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Weather and hair – no doubt on many a woman's mind…pretty much any day of the week! Especially with the craziness of the weather. Four days ago, short sleeve shirts and truly feeling like spring. Today, cold, very grey and maybe even snow flurries. BOO

    Just have to say – I HEART your hair. I have a stylist – it is the style that I lack. I keep trying – bringing in a new picture every six weeks – but always leaves me waiting until next time to try something else. BOO (again).

    Have a great week, friend.

  3. Smelling Coffee says:

    So true, Amber! Love you too. 🙂

    (And for those of you wondering… Before James and I married, he had a mustache. I loved him, but didn't love the stach, so I prayed that God would speak to James and urge him to shave it off – before the wedding – so the pictures would look like him after we were married… 'cause I knew that eventually, I'd probably Delilah him into shaving it anyway… So God told him, instead of me. And James did it. 🙂 Yea God! However, James says I dropped a few hints along the way…nah!)

    🙂 Jennifer

  4. I love the hair prayer! :)You pray alot about all "kinds" of hair don't you? ha ha I love you, Lady!