These make me smile

… And a few make me think… and some hit just a little too close to home ~ like the one below 😉

(anybody with me?)

 (Unfortunately, too true!)

(I just threw this in ’cause it’s cute – gratefully, my precious and patient husband’s name is James – not Always.) (grin)
 Apparently too true!

This last sign is a favorite.  I see it every day.  My friend, Stephanie, made it and gave it to us for Christmas.  It hangs between our den and kitchen.  Every time I see it, it makes me thankful for my family, friends, and this life God is allowing the Walkers to live.

Hope you smiled a little with me today. 🙂  Blessings to you~

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  1. Thank you for the smiles and laughs today. It's been a long week and I really needed it.

  2. Love it!!! Would it be alright if I shared some of your recipes with my ladies' class next week. I am doing a lesson on Lydia and hospitality . . . see my latest post for more details. I esp. wanted to share your spaghetti recipe!!

  3. Oh my goodness – that one about doing anything to be thin…except diet and exercise – TOO FUNNY..and just a bit too true!! Definitely enjoyed the smiles:)

  4. I did smile with you! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing! So cute!

  6. Kathy@ Gone North says:

    Very cute… & guess what?? I have that "Mr. Right" on a pillow.. It just makes us laugh..
    I really did marry Mr. Right & his 1st name is Chuck : )
    I saw one this week that said,
    "Just a minute, let me stop what I am doing & deal with your crisis"
    I really like your 1st one though…too true, too true
    Blessings… K.

  7. Love them all! My problem would be picking my favorite one! thanks for sharing a chuckle with us today!

  8. what a sweet post for first thing in the morning, I love surrounding myself with things that make me smile, laugh ,go down memorie lane & things that inspire like when I'm washing dishes & glance up at a sign that says show me your ways oh Lord ,hide me in your truth & teach me Psalm25:4-5 when I'm in my office my eyes fall on an embro.framed saying that says God did not call me to be successful he called me to be faithful,pic's of my grandbabies etc