I’m leaving on a jet plane…but I know when I’ll be back again… (reposted – since it just disappeared from my blog?)

Hi friends~  By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be in the friendly skies, on my way to Louisville, KY to join some precious ladies from Northside Baptist Church for a weekend retreat.   It will be somewhat like going “home” ~ James and I began our ministry life in that area so very many years ago.  In fact, this is what we looked like back then:

 The picture above was our first “Official Ministry Picture”.  All I can say is “Wow – we were young!”

 This was taken just before we moved to Kentucky.  I affectionately call this photo: “James, me, and my hair.”  (That big, wild, curly hair was all natural, btw.)

This would be our present “ministry picture” if we were called upon to have one. I’m quite thankful that God has allowed us to gently age together. 😉

Anyway, it will be fun to go back and see so many friends who were such huge parts of our young ministry lives. Nathan was born there, but we moved to Nashville before Abigail was born. These friends in Radcliff, Vine Grove, and Elizabethtown, KY will always have a special place in our hearts.

The weekend retreat is on “Mary and Martha”. It’s a fun set of messages about becoming the balance between these two women who loved Jesus and who were so very loved by Jesus. I always enjoy sharing these truths, and pray that God will plant, water, and grow for His glory from every word that is shared. Please pray for all of us this weekend.

(I’ll confess something – it’s been a few years since I’ve flown… and I rarely have had an “uneventful” flight… so by the time you are reading this… who, but Jesus, knows what’s already happened that will make into a super story once I get home! I could tell you some funny things that have happened to me in airports… I don’t know why the messes always find me… or is it me that finds the messes??? – but it’s late, and I still have much to do to get my familiy ready for me to leave. If you have a prayer or two to spare, I’d covet them for my travel to and back home [I fly back on Monday], and for all God has planned for the time in between.)

This is off the subject, but while I was downloading some pics to this post, I thought I’d share one or two more. This was taken Mother’s Day weekend. It’s my sister (Rebecca), mom, and me. All of our families were together over the weekend, and we laughed and laughed. It was a special time that I’ve learned not to take for granted.

(And not to be outdone, the picture below is my crazy funny brother, Chris… who has written a few posts for this blog as “Cappuccino with the Crawdad”.)  

The only one missing in what Chris calls “The original Crawfords {our immediate family minus the spouses and children} is my precious daddy. He’s been with Jesus for 14 1/2 years. We miss him – especially when we spend a weekend together full of laughter. He was funny and fun and wonderful. We all got a piece of his personality. And all of us got a bit of his humor. He would have loved his grandchildren so much! They would have delighted him so!  We’re extremely thankful that God has kept our mom healthy and full of love and joy.  Although we miss Daddy, we know how blessed we are.

I’ll sign off for now.  I’ve been singing the Carpenter’s song, “I’m leaving on a jet plane” all day…   Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the Lord and whatever it is that He has planned for you.

🙂  Jennifer

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  1. I remember that beautiful curly hair!! I always wanted to be like my beautiful 2nd grade teacher 🙂


  2. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out like you thought they would. But thankful for your amazing attitude. I am not a big 'fan' of flying either. I was a little anxious the first time I flew after many years. But it was ok. : ) Lovin' your big hair. I am a big hair girl in my heart, definitely! : )

  3. Remembering you in prayer as you minister this weekend! I HEART your big hair!

  4. Jen, I wish so much that I were able to join you all this weekend. Jackson's had some medical issues lately and until we get them resolved, I can't in good conscience be away. I suspect that you will have no time once the retreat is over, to visit with anyone. But if I'm wrong, please give me a call or buzz me on facebook!!! Nancy and I both wanted to see you so badly!!! :O( I know that the ladies of Northside will be tremendously blessed by whatever the Lord has laid on your heart to say/teach/etc…I love you dearly, and I totally understand those little anxieties that stem from flying, etc…will be praying all day as the Lord prompts!!! LOVE YOU BIG!!!! (PS—Are ya having a good hair day? 'Cause I'm thinkin'…if He fixed your hair, He'll get you there! LOL!!!) <3