Hair, feathers, and flowers

Before we talk hair, I just want to say thanks SO much for “liking” Smelling Coffee on Facebook!  I appreciate every one of you! 😉

I just love the new things being done in and to hair these days!  Where we live, an unusual trend has been around for a few months.  I’ve noticed it’s not everywhere yet – but I bet you’ll be seeing it soon.  Feather Extensions.   These are real feathers that are kept in the hair by what looks like a jewelry making bead/tool.  They can be washed, curled, straightened, brushed… just like real hair.  It’s all the rage, and not only in teen girls.  Women are getting them too. 

Abigail wanted a feather extension, so when she saved enough money, we went to get one for her.  There was only one problem…no one in Cleveland had any left.  We drove from shop to shop, and called those we didn’t drive to.  In fact, the company that sold the feathers was completely sold out!  We had to get on a waiting list and wait until those before us had been called and given their feathers.  It was intense. (I’m kind of kidding, and kind of not… just think: teenage girl, popular trend, money in pocket…)Anyway, Feather day came, and Abigail now has a pink feather extension in her hair.  This is the finished product:

This is the valuable case of feathers. 😉  In fact, my mom heard on the news that fly fishermen were having a hard time buying feathers to make their fishing lures! They said that a bag of feathers has gone from $40 to $400 this spring!  Can you believe this?  But, as all trends do, by next year, they will probably be selling these feather extensions at the Dollar Tree. (grin)

This is Abigail’s feather extension.  It is 7 strips of feathers. 

Speaking of hair decor, have you seen the many cute headbands girls AND women are wearing?  I think they are darling.  When I googled “picture of flower headbands”, hundreds of images popped up and I realized that I could make many of those myself.  You can too.

I looked through my hair accessories and found several thin headbands.  Then, I got out my plastic shoe box full of flower pins that have come in and out of style over my lifetime.  (I made many of these pins myself by purchasing silk flowers, cutting them off the stem, and hot gluing a pin back on them.)

Then I pinned a flower onto the headband.  And voila ~ a headband just like those being sold in stores.

This little cutie-patootie in a flower headband is my Sisters youngest daughter, Anna Beth. 

And… what would hair decor be without a tiarra in the mix?  I had been hearing about a store called Charming Charlie, and when I finally went to one, it was as if the angels were singing!  I couldn’t believe the thousands and thousands of accessories!  I could have lived in that store!  Of course, my friend Sharon and I found the crown section and had our pictures made in the tiarra of our choice. 

BTW, I think every woman should own a tiarra.  Abigail and I have a few.  Sometimes we declare a  “Celebrate Your Inner Princess” day and we wear our tiarras all day long. But friends, please learn from my mistakes, and remember you’re wearing it before opening the door, or leaving the house.  😉  

While at Charming Charlie, I tried on a few different types of hats.  None looked too good on me… I guess that’s ok though, since I won’t be attending any royal weddings in the future.

What are you wearing in your hair these days?   Feathers?  Flowers?  Ball caps?  Bandanas?  That’s Nathan’s head choice de jour.  After Bible school one day he took his bandanna off and put it on our darling little bow-wearing baby friend, Samantha.  Trust me, Samantha is a bow-head and NOT a bandanna head, for sure, and thank goodness!

Much love to you friends~  No matter what you’re wearing in your hair, I hope you have a fabulous weekend~

JenniferPS: Since we’re on the subject of hair, every so often, people ask if I can send them a picture of the back of my hair.  It’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve had some variation of this cut since 2007.  I’ve tried to grow it out, but I just can’t yet.  Here’s the back of my hair… I know… you’ve been dying to see it! 😉

Above: After my first hair cut. 
Below: A little longer – I was trying to grow it out…

PSS:  my brother read this post and put this on Facebook – it was too good not to add here:

I saw your post on the hair feathers, and I was disjointed that you didn’t include a picture of Melissa and me. We have gotten into bird’s nests. Here is a picture:

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  1. Thanks for featuring Charming Charlie in your blog!! We have added your blog to our blog mentions page on our website. It’s a page we created exclusively for showcasing Charming Charlie blog mentions!

  2. Smelling Coffee says:

    Melanie~ I don't know how the feathers started. They made it to Cleveland in late March or early May.

    And you look cute in those running bands!


  3. I love hair accessories and wish my daughter would wear headbands. A friend of mine is very creative and has been making headbands, necklaces, etc… and they are PRECIOUS! You can see them on her blog I think you will love what you see!

  4. Just looking at my picture, I think my hair is about that length again, it was quite a bit longer. Didn't want you think I got it cut shorter than that! lol

  5. Speaking of hair, I just got mine cut! I went shorter this time because for some reason it was driving me crazy and I was ready to get out the scissors myself!! I don't usually wear anything in my hair. Bows are not as popular here as where you live although I do see some teen girls wearing flower type headbands. Your hair is great, I like the style. I think I would enjoy a visit to the store you were in – accessories everywhere!

  6. Your photos are so cute! =)
    Your hair is so pretty!
    My hair is I keep it back in a ponytail sometimes.. =)

  7. Did the feather extensions become popular after Steven Tyler was wearing them on AI this past season? Your hair looks great! And you look good in the flower headband.

    What's in my hair lately: bondibands and elastic bands to keep hair off face when I run.