This was too funny not to share!

After my brother, Chris (who sometimes writes as Cappuccino with the Crawdad) read this post on feathers and hair, he sent me a knee-slapping-funny message on Facebook.  I went back and added it to the bottom of the hair post, but wanted to make sure my e-mail Smelling Coffee friends could enjoy a laugh with me, too.

This is what Chris’ Facebook post said:

“I saw your post on the hair feathers, and I was disappointed that you didn’t include a picture of Melissa and me. We have gotten into bird’s nests. Here is a picture:”

Does that not make you LOL????  For a few other funny takes on life, read Chris’ posts:

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  1. Oh, no!! A new fad! Just wait for the hatchlings …. (oh, I can't write any more, my sides hurt from laughing!)