Until I can think "deeper thoughts"

What’s up, friends?  I feel like my blog (as well as my laundry – haha) are both being neglected of late.  Somehow, I thought that once school was out, I’d have so much more time to write, read, study, clean… but who was I fooling?  I’m so behind on everything, I think I’m ahead!  Hot flashes and Delta heat are taking their toll on this body, and it’s only the first week of June!  My head’s already been in the freezer, seeking a frozen state of relief – face to face with the burritoes, corndogs, and ground beef. My family tells me I’m freezing them out, but somehow, I just can’t believe them. 😉

We’re getting ready for VBS next week. I’m guessing that lots of you are, too. We’re using the New York themed Lifeway material, and I’m stationed in the “Mission’s Terminal”, aka Grand Central Terminal. I’m praying for God’s great success for all of us – that His Word will go forth, and that many, many young lives will be challenged and changed. (Also, that many of our lives will be affected, as well!) If you’re involved in VBS this year, what’s your role? One thing I’ve learned over the years is that EVERY role is the most important and significant. More children come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior during VBS than at any other time. Lets pray for an abundant harvest in the Lord’s kingdom!

I’ve had many “deep thoughts” I’d like to share with you… but not today. They’re on a list so I won’t forget, and soon I’ll get to them… I just think my brain is too hot to process right now (grin). Instead, here are two awesome YouTube videos that will make you smile. They’re not really new, but I still enjoy them every time, and I hope you will too.

Until I can think deeper thoughts…(or until Winter – which ever comes first)

(If reading this by e-mail, click here for the video.)

(If reading by e-mail, click here to see the video.)

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  1. Kim {Recipes To Run On} says:

    Good Morning to You Friend! Thanks for the sweet post. I hope you are able to stay cool and comfortable. Wishing you a wonderful Friday!!! Hugs and Love.