E mail subscriptions update and a *Quickie* dessert recipe

Hi friends~  I have a little “bloggy housekeeping” to do today.  (Then, I’ll share a favorite recipe with you.  How’s that?)

I’m so appreciative of all of you who read Smelling Coffee, and I always want you to get the most out of each blog post.  Many of you are following along on Facebook – and it’s fun to see your faces there.  (If you aren’t, but would like to, just “like” Smelling Coffee on the left of this blog’s sidebar, or look up Smelling Coffee on FB, and “like” it there.)

***** I had to go back in and add something kind of funny / sad to this post.  It’s about the Facebook page “Smelling Coffee.”  When the page was brand new, after a few days, I had about 40 people who “liked Smelling Coffee.”  I went to bed that night and awoke the next morning with 140 “likes”.  I was thrilled.  Amazed.  Thankful.  But I couldn’t help but wonder where the extra 100 came from~ literally overnight.

I started looking at them, and saw some {how shall we say it… odd?} people on the FB page.  They didn’t look like most people who read the blog.  But I was glad the message was getting out there, and I praised God for them. Then, I clicked on one of those profiles and discovered why all of a sudden 100 extra people liked Smelling Coffee.  It’s actually now a CHOICE on Facebook as people are setting up their interests on their profiles.  For example, I “like”: The Bible, Casting Crowns, Gone With The Wind, Toby Mac, and lots of other things/people.  Well… Apparently, some people “like” to smell coffee.  So, when they see “Smelling Coffee” as a choice, they will “like it”.  Until they start getting blog posts from me, then they quickly “unlike” it. 

I realized my theory’s truth when this conversation showed up on the Smelling Coffee wall one day:

I had written this:
Hi friends. I just wanted to send you a shout out telling you that I’m praying specifically for you today. I pray that you know Psalm 103 as a reality in your life – and that you are reminded that our Merciful and Faithful God does these things for us daily if we let Him: forgives, redeems, dignifies, crowns, satisfies, renews, justifies, and loves! He loves you so much!

3 people liked it.  Then I received this comment from someone I’ll call “Joe”

“Joe”: Um……..This is about smelling coffee…….and I love coffee not God…so is it possible to post your silly religious nonsense somewhere else? Thanks

If “Joe” hadn’t been so terribly misled, this comment would have been laughable.  “Um… this is about smelling coffee”  Yes, I know, Joe.  It’s my page. 😉

Instead, this was my response to “Joe”: 

Joe, “Smelling Coffee” is my personal blog, and this is my personal page. I love to smell coffee, and I also love God, and that’s what this page is about. You are welcome to come and go as you please.
To which Joe replied:  I will go but Coffee loves you back unlike your fictional-God
It broke my heart.  How sad for Joe to think that he will get more love from “smelling” a cup of coffee than the All loving, All giving, All sacrificing Saving God.  I prayed for Joe and wrote:
Joe, I’m so sorry that you feel this way. God does love you, and I pray that He will pursue you until you realize just how very much you are loved by Him who is alive and real. May He bless and keep you until that day~
If “Joe” ever comes to your mind, please pray for him and for his salvation.  Who knows… maybe he is still reading Smelling Coffee.  “Joe” – If you’re out there, I just want you to know that you are loved, and that my family and I (and now, others that “like smelling coffee”) are praying for you! 🙂

May God use that Facebook page to His glory alone ~ however He chooses!

End of that story, and on to our regularly scheduled blog post *****
Also, many of you are reading the blog through e-mail subscriptions.  {That’s become my favorite way to keep up with the blogs I follow when I want to make sure I don’t miss a single post.}  However, there are almost just as many of you who have signed up for the e-mails, but you aren’t receiving them.  Some of you have mentioned this to me, and I’ve also noticed this each time I check my Feedburner stats.
If you aren’t getting the SmellingCoffee e-mail posts in your inbox, here are three reasons why, and three Simple Solutions to help make sure you get your Smelling Coffee e-mails
1. You haven’t signed up.  You’ve meant to, but just haven’t done it yet. 
Simple Solution:  Sign up right now. 😉  Look to the left of this blog page and put your e-mail address in that little box, then follow the directions.  You won’t be getting any spam from me or the Feedburner account – just the SmellingCoffee blog posts each time they show up on the blog.
2.  You did sign up, and put your e-mail in the box, but you still aren’t getting the e-mails.
Simple Solution:  You put your e-mail address in the box, and even copied those weird letters and numbers correctly on the page it sent you to.  BUT  you didn’t ever check your e-mail inbox to see if an “activation e-mail” was sent to you.  See, once you do the little box and follow the directions, you’ll need to go into your e-mail account and read the e-mail from Feedburner/SmellingCoffee.  It will give you a link to click on, which will verify your e-mail address.  Once you click on that link, it’s all set up.
The e-mail will look something like this:
Hello there,

You recently requested an email subscription to Smelling Coffee. We can’t wait to send the updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately:


(If the link above does not appear clickable or does not open a browser window when you click it, copy it and paste it into your web browser’s Location bar.)

This message was sent to you by FeedBurner (feedburner.google.com)
You received this message because you requested a subscription to the feed, Smelling Coffee.
If you received this in error, please disregard. Do not reply directly to this email.

Just click the highlighted link in your e-mail.  How easy is that?!

3.  You did sign up, put your e-mail in the box, and verified your e-mail address, but you still aren’t getting the e-mails.

Simple Solution:  Check your spam folder.  Because the e-mail is sent out to many at one time, your e-mail settings might send the Smelling Coffee e-mails straight to your spam box.  In that case, just white list it or add the e-mail address to your address book, so your computer will know you want it to come to your inbox. 

If none of these things work, e-mail me { Jennifer.SmellingCoffee@gmail.com } and we’ll see what we can do.   😉

Now, for the recipe. 

This is my “go to” dessert recipe when I need something quick and delicious.  It’s been around for years, and we’ve never grown tired of making it or eating it.  It’s called many things, but we call it “Dump Cake”… which, now, as I write this, doesn’t sound too appetizing… but it tastes delicious!

“Help! Company’s Coming!” Dump Cake

  • 1 can crushed pineapple
  • 1 can cherry pie filling (or apple pie filling, or peach pie filling…or even a bowl full of fresh and sliced/sugared peaches)
  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1 stick of butter or margarine

Grease a 9×13 pan. “Dump” (layer) first 3 ingredients into pan. Slice butter thinly and place evenly over cake mix. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. (Some parts of the cake mix may still be “dry” after baked, but it’s good that way! )

You can serve this alone, or with ice cream.  I try to keep all of those ingredients on hand, just in case we need a quickie dessert.  If you have a variation of this recipe, please share!  I’d love to add it to this recipe’s card.

Blessings to and gratitude for each of you~ And don’t forget to pray for “Joe”…

About SmellingCoffee

I'm a Jesus-loving, husband-loving, family-loving minister's wife and mom to two college kids, making our home and serving our Lord in the Mississippi Delta. I study, teach, speak, and write for the greatest Boss in the universe. "Faith, Family, Food, Fun, and Living Life brewed in the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ in every place": That's what you'll find at SmellingCoffee.com


  1. Smelling Coffee says:

    Thanks so much, my friends, for your encouraging words and for praying for "Joe". We have no idea how God will use our prayers… so it's awesome to be a part of his life so far from here (He doesn't live in the USA).

    Love to you all~

  2. Jennifer,

    I was wondering where "Mr. Joe" was headed and loved how well you handled the situation.

    I never thought about making an acutal page to "Like" for my blog, as just last night I set up a "secret" group instead.

    I think another thing about "Joe" that is interesting is that we call coffee, a cup of joe.


    Love God and my coffee-

  3. As I read this post, I just kept saying, "Oh, Oh, Oh…"
    I could just feel how those responses from Joe would have mad ME feel.
    Oh my.
    Well…Joe has no idea that he is now the recipient of more than your prayers.
    I pray that Joe truly will "wake up and smell the coffee" and know that God wants to fill his cup with HIMSELF.

  4. Kim {Recipes To Run On} says:

    Good Morning Jennifer! Love this post…. for many reasons. Regarding "Joe" ~ I can't help but think that your response may have been the first time someone shared with him that God really does love him. In a non~threatening, non~judging way. It's not often in our world that Christians share their faith in a non~condeming way. And Glory to God, He may have just used COFFEE to speak through you to this man. So yes, let's all pray that "Joe" who's just seen a small glimpse into the reality of the love the Lord has for him, will be moved toward the Truth.

    Your recipe is one of my all~time favorites. It's the easiest to make and tastes perfect every time. Great reminder to bring out this classic soon!!!

    You have a WONDERFUL day my Coffee Smelling, God~ Loving Friend! 🙂

    Love you!