I just finished a Bible study on shoes.

That’s right.  A special study for minister’s wives called, In Our Shoes, by Rachel Lovingood and Jennifer Landrith. 

If you are a minister’s wife, it’s a great resource for you to do alone, or to share with other minister’s wives.  It correlates the different types of roles we have as minister’s wives with different types of shoes.  It was fun, thought provoking, and informative.

In our new church (which isn’t so “new” anymore – we’ve been joyfully serving here for a year now), the full-time staff is relatively new – we’ve all been here 3 or less years.  When each of us arrived, we hit the ground running, and time has flown!  We’ve served beside one another, but not had the time to really invest heart to heart in each other until now.

This summer, we full-time staff wives decided that we needed to get together for fellowship and Bible study, so we’ve been meeting each Tuesday morning.  Coffee (of course), conversation, prayer, encouragement, laughter, support, and some type of food treat have been a part of each gathering.  But mostly, we’ve fellowshipped around the topics spurred by the Bible study, In Our Shoes.

The study was full of those kinds of conversation starters that make you “go deep” instantly {That’s how I like it!}, and we got to know each other in a new and special way.  We challenged each other to be richer Christ-followers, wives, and servants of the Lord, our families, and the body of Christ.  And along the way, hearts were opened and friendships were deepened.  It is healthy for a church when the staff and wives are unified.  Not click-ish, but unified in love and service.  That’s what we pray to be.

As our study came to a close on Tuesday, we were to bring or wear a pair of shoes for a fun foot photo.  I laugh when I look at this ~ Can you tell which foot is mine??? I brought my most “outlandish” pair of shoes for the picture. haha.  Although, those fish shoes are pretty wild too!  {The precious baby foot belongs to Samantha, the sweet 6 month old daughter of our youth minister and wife.  She’s in the pictures because she’s been to every study. ;-)}

We love being minister’s wives, and we love the body of Christ that He has given us to be a part of.  We are blessed to be in a church that loves each other and the Lord.  And we gratefully praise God that we can see Him working in mighty ways among our people.  It is a true privilege to serve God and FBC Cleveland, MS.  We are glad and thankful to be walking “In Our Shoes.”

baby Samantha, Deanna, Sharon, Deana, Jennifer – July 26, 2011
We’d love to know:
If you are a minister’s wife, have you studied this book yet? If so, what did you think? 
What other resources for Minister’s Wives have been helpful to you?
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  1. I completed this study on my own last year before the authors came to our Minister's Wives Retreat in Louisiana! I loved the book but it was even more fun to hear these girls teach about being "In Our Shoes." I love being a minister's wife and wish I had other minister's wives to study with weekly. Our other ministers are all single!

  2. That sounds like a really neat book for a bible study. I am guessing your foot is the one with the fish design! Am I right?