9-11, as in Psalm 9:11

Anyone over 13 most likely remembers details of what happened 10 years ago today… And if not, the news media has certainly reminded us. That day changed millions of lives ~ Yet God…

God was and still is on His throne. God, who makes beauty from ashes, took anyone who would care to turn to Him after such an event, and brought healing and redemption. My husband’s father and step-mother are in Heaven this day because of turning their hearts to God after 9-11-01.

Many things will be said, remembered, shown, and predicted as we commemorate 9-11. I will record and watch the news specials with our family. It is important that we do not forget.

But even more important than not forgetting is seeking what God is doing –  in our country, and in our lives  – on this day and in the days to come. 

Last night, I did an interesting verse study.  I looked up every verse in the Scriptures whose reference was 9:11.  I found quite a few I’d love to study further, but one immediately caught my eye.

Psalm 9:11 

Sing the praises of the LORD, enthroned in Zion;

proclaim among the nations what he has done.
As we think about today, let us not focus so much on men and government and terror.  Instead, lets focus on the Lord, and how He can take something tragic and make something good in every life.  Let’s PRAY for this nation, for its leaders and decision makers.  Let’s lift up our state and local decision makers – and our church body decision makers, too –  praying for each one of these men and women, begging that they will seek and obey the Lord more than they seek to please and obey men. 

Today, many will grieve.  I grieve with them over their loss, and over the general loss our nation experienced after 9-11.

But God…

In His strength today – on this anniversary of 9-11, may we (his bride, and this country founded upon His principles) act on Psalm 9:11 and

sing the praises of the Lord and proclaim among the nations of the world what He has done!

PS: As an added bit of comfort on this day, (since vengeance is the Lords, and He will not forget what His enemies have done) this is what The Message says for Psalm 9:11-12.  (I can’t help but smile a bit in comfort as I read it):

Sing your songs to Zion-dwelling God,

tell his stories to everyone you meet:

How he tracks down killers

yet keeps his eye on us,

registers every whimper and moan.
Many blessings of the Lord to you today, and every day – as we seek and serve the Lord until He returns.


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