Are you wearing WHITE after LABOR DAY?

To the men who read this blog, you just may want to skip it today.  This post is for us girls who have been well trained to pack away our favorite whites this week each year.  And I, for one, have decided to take a stand against this rule!   Who will join me? 😉

I have a favorite pair of white jeans that I’m just NOT going to put away this winter. Deep down inside, I was feeling like it was ok, but wanted a little fashionista back up, so I did what I do when I want to know anything these days… I googled it.

What I found is exactly what I thought I would. Yay! Now say this with me in a sing-songy-rhyme: “White after Labor Day is now accepted as OK.”  It’s our new winter motto, girls. 

Here is what some of the fashion experts have to say about white after Labor Day.

“Gone are the days of not wearing white after Labor Day! Fashionistas know you can transition that white from season to season–if you do it correctly…” CBS Philly

“Everyone knows the old saying: No white after Labor Day. But the saying is just that. Old. These days, not only is it ok to wear white after Labor Day, it’s actually very chic! White is always a crisp and clean look and it’s eye-catching but neutral tone makes it extremely versatile and a great match for almost any color. While linens and light cottons are reserved for hot summer days, cooler weather whites are just as refreshing and stylish. A plush coat or scarf is perfect for the ‘snow bunny’ appeal, or if it’s not that cold where you are yet, lighter wools and thicker cottons work beautifully for so many occasions…”

“By now, you know how I feel about fashion “rules”—they were made to be broken! So to debunk one of the most antiquated style notions on the planet—the belief that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day—” Rachel Zoe

“White jeans are more than okay for post–Labor Day weekends; they’re seriously cool—and more sophisticated than blue denim. It’s important to pick an ungimmicky straight-leg style and avoid bare, summery footgear (strappy high heels, open-toe sandals, flip-flops). Boots, preferably in suede or rough-hewn leather, are excellent for taking these pants into fall and winter. Brown, because it’s more casual, is generally better than black. And white denim is a great canvas for a hit of metallics or animal prints—two of my favorite ways to depart from the usual neutrals.”  Adam Glassman, for

Here are some suggestions on how to transition your whites after Labor Day (from Hello Beautiful):

5. Stay away from lightweight fabrics. Fabrics like white linen are designed to shade the skin from direct contact with the sun, while allowing for ventilation in warm weather. Such fabrics serve both a practical and fashionable purposes during the summer, but are totally inappropriate for the cooler months.

4. Avoid wearing white from head to toe after labor day. While your all white outfit looked fresh and summary as you basked in the June sun, it may very well give you the opposite effect in December. Avoid appearing white washed by limiting yourself. After all, there’s nothing cute about blending in with the snow! Try mixing it up; pair that white shirt with dark pants to balance your look.

3. Try off-white hues. You can still achieve the same bright glory by using similar tones. A light cream colored coat will provide the same effect in a more subtle way.

2. Merchandise it up! Adding accessories to your winter white can help to acclimate it. An off-white blazer with a heavy statement belt will make it look current, and not like you are still wearing your summer clothes in the fall.

1. Wear your winter-white with confidence! Learn the rules for pulling off the look and then Rock It Out! After all, you have to master the rules before you can break them.

Personally, I plan on wearing my white jeans with chunky sweaters and scarves and my favorite cowboy boots.  Will you be letting go of the “No white after Labor Day” rule this new season? 

Be free, my friends, and remember: “White after Labor Day is now accepted as OK”. 🙂

🙂  Jennifer

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