You’re gonna love this movie!

I’m so excited that the movie, COURAGEOUS, is coming out next Friday (Sept. 30)!  I’ve had the privilege of seeing the movie at two different screenings, and I’m craving to see it again. It’s a wonderful movie that will both entertain and chalenge women AND men. I promise you – your men will stay engaged throughout this entire movie, and you’ll ponder it for days to come.

I hope you will make plans to see it. If you’re not able to see the movie, please be involved in it by praying for those that do get to go see it. The hand of the Lord is definitely upon this project, and He has amazing plans for the many lives touched through this film.

This is the official movie trailer:

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This is the Casting Crowns video (with trailer at the end). The song is awesome. The movie is awesome. Our God, who orchestrated both… He is most Awesome of all!

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I can’t wait for you to see the movie and for me to be able to talk about it! (We had to sign a promise not to reveal anything about it until the release date. Boy, has that been hard!!!)

If you’ve seen the movie already, chime in on what you think the audiences will receive through it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Happy Thursday, my friends~

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