A quick word on defying human logic

Hi friends~  It’s crunch time in finishing the book, Keeping Christ AS Christmas, and I’m spending every moment I can on the last few chapters.  Between the book and Nathan’s health, I feel like I’ve lived in a bubble the past few weeks.  I’m excited for the book to be finished and am looking forward to seeing what God has planned to do with it. 

Since it belongs to Him and I’m just the fingers on the keyboard, my only job is to obey what He says for me to do at this moment.  Because those are His instructions to me for this particular book at this particular time, the pressure of needing a publicist, marketing plan, etc.is off of my shoulders for right now.  Until He tells me otherwise, Jesus will be my publicist and whatever else I need. (However, He has provided a wonderful editor for me, and she has been a true gift in this process.)  Human wisdom and the publishing community wouldn’t agree with this laid back approach… but God’s ways are much higher than man’s… and there is a great sense of the Lord’s Peace when one decides to do it God’s way, even when no one else understands.  I do wonder what He has planned for this book.  It may be to sell 10 copies, or 100, or 100,000…. Only He knows, and that’s OK by me. 🙂

I wonder… is God asking you to defy human logic and do something His way?

In other words, is God asking you to trust Him in any way right now? 

If you are sure that you have a direction from the Lord, please don’t let go of it.  Please press into Jesus and press on in what He has called you to do.  Adjust your life and your thinking to Him and obey.  I promise you, based on the authority of the Word of God, you will be blessed for and through your obedience.

Most of the amazing things Jesus did in the Scriptures defied human logic.  I’ve realized lately that those who walk by faith often appear foolish to the world. (If I knew how, I’d print this statement in an art form and put it out there on Pinterest – then I’d pin it on my “I love words” board!)

Is God asking you to walk by faith?  If so, then don’t worry about appearing foolish.  Onlookers will come and go.  In the end, what do they really matter?  Pleasing God is our highest calling and it returns the greatest rewards. 

“Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  Heb. 11:6

Thank you for your prayers for me and for our family.  I will be praying for you throughout this weekend as I work on the book.  Trust and obey the Lord, my friends… You will please Him, and He will do something beyond human reasoning in and through your life!

As the old hymn says,

Trust and obey

For there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus,

But to trust and obey.
Happy weekend~  

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