So thankful for your prayers! We’re headed home later today.

Hi friends~ I can’t post to FB via my phone, so I hopped on a computer asap.  We have truly felt the Lord carry us and go before us in every way.  We made it safely to LeBonheur around 1:00 this morning.  Nathan arrived in the ambulance just a few minutes earlier.  When we arrived, he was already settled into a hospital bed in the emergency room.  So many of you prayed specifically for “Peace” to blanket us, and that’s exactly what The Lord did.  In traveling by himself, Nathan said he felt peace and was able to sleep most of the way to Memphis.  James and I were not stressed out {you know how emotional and stressed James gets… he was a rock on this trip! – haha… for those of you who know him, he’s  always the rock.  I’m the stress-prone emotional one}.  But not this time, my friends.  The Lord’s Peace surrounded and carried us through the night and into this day.

We didn’t get put into a regular hospital room until 6:00 this morning.  But, let me tell you… this is one NICE hospital room!  I definitely can see us living here for an extended stay.  (In fact, right now, Nathan is playing Nintendo from his hospital bed, and I’m at a comfy computer desk.  Nice!)

Nathan regained use of his arms and legs at around 4:15 this morning, and by 10:00, he could get up and move around.  This was very similar to how it was the last time we were in the hospital.  Once he was able to get up, he slowly returned to his “normal” self. 

After many evaluations by various doctors, the preliminary diagnosis is that what has been going on with Nathan has NOT been seizures.  They don’t know what it is, but everyone feels that the episodes have been too varied to be seizures.  Because this is the weekend, there isn’t anyone here to run the extensive tests he will need, so they gave us a choice of hanging out here in the hospital until Monday, or returning home for a few days.  We chose to go home for a bit.

In addition to the tests that were scheduled for next week, they have added a few others, including some sleep studies.  We will be on call as to when we need to return.  We’ll keep our bags packed, and be ready to leave whenever they call with an opening.  If not before Wednesday am, then at least we’ll know that we have a definite date of Wednesday for the testing to begin. 

James and I have had 1 1/2 hours of interrupted sleep since we awoke at 5:30 on Friday morning.  We are tired, but grateful.  All of us are looking forward to our beds tonight. 

For the time being, all is well.  Our entire family thanks you for your investment in our lives during this episode.  It will be used by the Lord in many ways, and we look forward to seeing the fruit from this struggle in our son’s life.

With love and thanks~
Jennifer (and Nathan, James, and Abigail)

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