The very Personal Names of The Lord… Who do you need Him to be to you today?

For the last {at least} 15 years, I have studied a name of God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit almost every day.  It is one of my favorite parts of my morning time with Jesus.  Hi is such a Gift to us, and His Word tells us that when we learn to know His names, we will know Him more intimately. 

As I daily cycle my way through the list I’ve been compiling all of these years, it is like unwrapping a new present each morning ~ one from God to me.  It takes me about 1 1/2 – 2 years to cycle through the list, then I start right back over again.  Why?  Because He is Life to me.  In each of God’s names lives a specific promise of His character and presence in my life.  Some names are well known and loved familiars, while others, even though I’ve seen them many times before, strike me anew.  Always I’m left with a Treasure of God to carry with me into my day

The portion of Names I’m currently studying are the “My” names of God the Father.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve studied through this portion of the list, yet it seems that this time through, I love Him more than I did last time through, and the names mean more to me than they ever have.  Maybe it’s because I’ve lived a lot of life clinging to Him as “My ____” over the past 2 years, and these names are comforting reminders of just how Good He is and how Present He is in every situation and need.

If you need to be reminded of how much the Lord loves you, take these Names of God and read the verse and the verses around the reference listed.  Then praise God for His blessed characteristic.  Even if you have not yet seen Him as “My _____,” you know that His Word says He is, and you can put your hope in Him to be that very characteristic for you and your situation. 

May He bless you richly through His Names… and may you bless Him as you worship our Lord in the midst of whatever circumstance surrounds your life.  He is worthy of all of our praise~


The “My” Names of God the Father

My Advocate – Job 16:19
My Benefactor – Psalm 71:6
My Confidence – Psalm 71:5
My Glory – Psalm 3:3
My Helper – Hebrews 13:6
My Hiding Place – Psalm 32:7
My Hope – Psalm 71:5

My Husband – Hosea 2:16
My Light – Psalm 27:1
My Mighty Rock – Psalm 62:7
My Portion – Psalm 73:26 (and Lam. 3:24 – I couldn’t pick just one!)
My Refuge in times of trouble – Psalm 59:16
My Salvation – Psalm 27:1
My Shepherd – Psalm 23:1
My Strength and My Shield – Psalm 28:7
My Strong Deliverer – Psalm 140:7
My Stronghold – Psalm 144:2
My Support – 2 Samuel 22:19

Compiled and printed in the Bible Study, Walking Hand in Hand with Jesus, by Jennifer Walker, (c) 2005 

[Many of you have asked about this study – thank you for that! 🙂  I self-published Walking Hand in Hand with Jesus in 2005 and sold all of the copies printed.  In praying much about it, I feel that God is leading me to re-edit the study and get it ready to be published “for real”… at this point, I plan on starting on it in early 2012.  I’ll definitely let you know when God and I begin that process!]

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