We are shocked but God is not & prayers please!

Hi friends. This is an emergency update via Blackberry. Our son, Nathan, had another “episode” tonight right before the football game started. He didn’t have an obvious seizure this time, but he lost use of his arms, hands, legs, & feet. We rushed him to the local emergency room & are waiting on an ambulance to take him on to LeBonheur tonight.

We were worked in for next week- checking in on Wednesday at 5:30 am. I had planned what to pack & had already started laying things aside. So when they told us here that they were sending us on to Memphis, I was able to pack pretty quickly. (I only had to turn around & go back home 2 times – haha!)

By no coincidence, our friend Deanna was right beside us when we got the call about Nathan. We were all at the gate, going into the football game. Deanna is the one who was with us when Nathan had his seizures a month ago – & she was able to use her gifts & training to quickly assess him tonight. She even ran home with me to help me pack. We’re so thankful that God had her with us both times!

We know that we are under the Lord’s care, and that He is handling everything. We were shocked, but God was not. We are trusting Him.

It will be a long night. The ambulance will leave Cleveland around 9:30pm & its a little over 2 hrs drive. As always, we deeply appreciate your prayers. Please pray for James as he drives us, & for Abigail. She’ll be with friends, so I’m praying Peace over her & a good weekend.

Thank you, friends. I’ll update sometime tomorrow.

With love,

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