Don’t stop now, You’re on a roll!

A little word about thankfulness – Keep it up!!!

Though Thanksgiving Day is over, thankfulness will be most needed in the days to come. As Christmas rolls into full gear, if we’re not careful, stress will mount, tempers will become a bit shorter, and even the most self-less people will have to fight the temptation to be selfish and/or dissatisfied.

During this month of November, many have been participating in a Thanks challenge.  Our family calls this Attitude Gratitude.  People are posting daily the things for which they are thankful on their Facebooks, Twitters, or their blogs.  It has been a blessing to and participate in this attitude of gratitude.  My challenge to you is Don’t Stop Now! 

Continue to focus on praise and thanksgiving.  Keep recording your daily praise or thanks on your social networking arena, or simply a piece of paper and keep it posted in your kitchen, by your bedside, in your car… just about anywhere you are sure to see it.

Why? Adoration of Jesus and Gratitude to Him are automatic “Joy Magnets” for the heart. They move our focus from where it usually is to where it needs to be.  Gratitude for the little things will keep our hearts grounded in thankfulness when our schedules become tight and our patience becomes thin.

Praise and Thanksgiving will be a blessing to you and your home any time of the year.  If you’ve been thankful this month, don’t stop.  Keep it up.  By the time you celebrate Christmas, you’ll have a wealth of evidence of the many precious gifts God has given to you in and through Jesus.  It’s a perfect preparation for Christmas! 

Continuing daily thankfulness will help us remember in the days ahead that “He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalm 107:9 (Amp)

If you’d like a printable December “Attitude Gratitude” list to use in your home, click here and scroll to the second page. 

May the Lord continue to remind us of His goodness as we prepare to celebrate His birth.  Happy weekend, my friends! 


PS:  For ideas in preparing your heart, household, and home for Peace this Christmas season, check out Keeping Christ AS Christmas on or at  🙂

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