Advent – Ideas part 2

Boy, the days get full during this time of the year, don’t they?  This has been the fastest week.  I don’t know about you, but this year, I really want to savor the moments, even as the days fly by.  One special moment of each of my days is by opening a gift from God each morning.  It’s been a treasured practice of mine for years, and this year, we are making it part of our Advent celebration.

If you don’t have much time to sit down with your family and do an Advent devotion each day, this might be an idea that will work for you.  For the month of December, we are taking one name of God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit and receiving that as our gift from God each day.  There is a list of my 100 all time favorite names of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the e-book, Keeping Christ AS Christmas.  There is also a list of the “my” names of God the Father here.  Or, you can just google “Names of God”, etc. and find a list to use from the computer. 

Write 25 of these names (with references) on individual pieces of paper and store them in a container.  Each day, have someone from your household draw out one of the names.  Read the reference and have a short conversation about how that particular characteristic of God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit will  impact your day and life.  Then pray, thanking God for that specific Gift He has given you in and through Himself.  Put the name where everyone in the house can see it, and go about your day knowing that God has gifted you with a special part of Himself especially for this present day.

It will be like unwrapping a new present from God each day.  You’ll never know what name will be drawn out, but God does.  He already knows what is ahead in your day, what you need, and how He will meet that need through Himself.   If you feel so led, write the name down and carry it with you.  Use it as a daily reminder of God’s gifts and provision for your every need. 

We made a Gift of God Advent box at our ladies’ ministry craft night on Tuesday.    We had pretty pieces of scrapbook paper, picked out our 25 names, wrote one name and reference on each piece, and rolled them up and stored them in a pretty gift box.  It makes me smile when I think about the precious gifts God is giving to each lady and her household as they unwrap (unroll) a name each day. 

On the outside of the box, “The True Gift is Jesus” is written with a paint pen.

These names can also be tucked into an Advent calendar, or Advent drawer, or just kept on a list that you’ll go straight down, one number to the next.  How you do it doesn’t matter.  What you use to turn your heart toward Jesus this Advent season doesn’t even really matter.  That you do it – That you do something to put your focus daily on Who this season is truly about – that’s what will make a difference in this Christmas season for you and those around you.

Our Advent name of God today:  A Forgiving God – Nehemiah 9:17  What a WONDERFUL GIFT to me today… Especially because God has been instructing me to do something for a long time, and every day I just make excuses as to why I didn’t get around to doing it {confession: exercising and taking better care of my body!  I know… }  I’ve been stiff-necked about it, and full of excuses for my disobedience.  Once again, I confessed that this morning, and am starting fresh, pardoned by my gracious and merciful God, PTL!  See what a gift His Name is to me today as the enemy pelts me with “failure” arrows? Thank you, Jesus!!!

“But You are a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful,
slow to anger, and of great steadfast love;
and you did not forsake them.”
Nehemiah 9:17 
May our Faithful and Forgiving God bless you today, my friends, and give you the Gift of Himself as you enjoy this Advent season with Him.  I’m off to the treadmill, to exercise the fruit of God’s forgiveness and my obedience to Him in that area. 🙂

Advent Ideas – part 3 coming soon

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