Is your Heart at Home this Christmas?

It’s almost Christmas!  Where will you be when you celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Are you going “home” this year?  Until the last several years, our Walker family of four had never celebrated Christmas in our own house.  We always packed up everything and went “home” to MS where I grew up.  But now that we live a little more than an hour away from “home,”  my mom is packing up and coming to stay with us for Christmas.

We went “home” this past weekend and had wonderful time with extended family.  We laughed and laughed!

My sister, Rebecca

 My brother, Chris
All of the “Crawford” grandchildren

The only thing missing was my daddy.  He went to live with Jesus 15 years ago on the 27th of this month.  We miss him a lot, even after 15 years.  He was our town’s Santa Claus, and he was a fantastic Jesus-loving Santa! 

                                Daddy with a little girl who is now a sophomore in college

There is something special about going “home” for Christmas ~ and there is also something special about staying “home” for Christmas. “Home” and Christmas seem to go sweetly together.

I read an Advent devotional about home and Christmas that was a tender call to the heart.  Whether or not your body is “home” for Christmas this year, your heart can be…

GOD CALLS us to come home for Christmas. God calls us to come back from all those places where we have settled for less than the fullness of life promised to us in Christ.
God calls us back from all the ambitions and possessions we have pursued, thinking they would satisfy us.
God calls us to let go of any bitterness and resistance to forgive that block the light of love from warming us.
Preparing for Christmas means looking deep within ourselves and asking if our heats are truly at home in the lives we are living.
God calls us to come home and to rest, to be embraced by one who loves us as we are. God offers us a place where we are fully known and also fully accepted.
-Mary Lou Redding
While We Wait
From page 45 of While We Wait: Living the Questions of Advent by Mary Lou Redding.

Merry, Merry Christmas weekend~

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