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Hi friends~  Can you believe that there are only 11 more days until Christmas?  It seems that the older our children get, the crazier and busier our days become, and the days are just flying by!  In the midst of the busy-ness, I’ve tried really hard to just live “in the moment” – One day at a time, enjoying what God has placed on our Christmas plates for the day, and not worrying about tomorrow.  That has worked well this December, and I can honestly say that living this way has alleviated much unnecessary stress.  God is giving me a prime opportunity to continue to  live what I wrote about in Keeping Christ AS Christmas, and as always, He’s been faithful to do what He said He’ll do as I do what He tells me to do. 😉

So many of you have been so sweet to ask about our son, Nathan, and I am praising God to report that as of yesterday, he has gone 35 days without an “episode”!  James and I made the decision (of course, with the Lord’s leading) to take him off of all of his medicine – even the one that wasn’t supposed to cause any reactions – and a few weeks later, the episodes stopped.  I love the continual count and climb of the number of days episode-free!  We’re just taking things one day at a time, and being grateful for each day and what it holds.  If he doesn’t have any more episodes, we’ll know that it was all medicine related.  If he does, we’ll be back to square one…  

We have been under the care of a psychologist, and he doesn’t believe that Nathan was under stress enough to cause such a serious series of  “stress-response” as the other doctors believe.  We don’t know what to think… all we know is that as of yesterday, he was 35 days episode-free, and that God has our son in His hands.  We trust that as Nathan grows into a man, God will continue to lead us in whatever direction He knows is best.  We go back to LeBonheur for a follow-up appointment next week.  Thank you so much for your prayers for him and for our family.  We are so grateful for everything~

Today is my precious husband’s birthday.  He is such a Godly man and servant of the Lord.  I’m so thankful for James and for how he leads and serves our family.  As Nathan grows up, I so very much pray that he will become a man of service and integrity like his daddy, and that Abigail will marry a man with those same qualities.  Here’s my blog shout out to my man: 

Happy birthday, honey!  I love you so much!!!!!

Today is also a “house-pick-up day”… I’ve been needing one of those for over a week!  While I’m working around the house, I’m listening to the wonderful Christmas CD, Until the Son of God Appears, by a special group of young adults – Mosaic.  I served with the ladies of this group this past Spring at a retreat was so blessed by not only their talent, but their passionate desire for the Lord.  They are an incredible group with a unique sound.  The Christmas album has a blue-grassy feel to it.  Their website is mosaicworship and you can follow their ministry through their Facebook posts here.  I’m praying for God to work out a time for us to serve together again one of these days, and for their group to get to make its way to the Mississippi Delta for a concert!  If you’re looking for a singing group that ministers as well as sings… check out Mosaic.  You will be blessed!

OK… I’ve got to get busy.  But before I go, I wanted to share a few goodies I’ve found via Pinterest. 

This is something I plan on tucking away for next year.  The post explains it all… and I agree ~ If we’re not careful, our family members get the worst part of us during this busy season.

Here is a great thing to do with your Christmas cards. Many people keep the cards and pray for the senders throughout the year. I keep the picture cards in an album, but I really like the “book” idea.


And don’t you just love this?


May your days in preparing for Christmas and living life be blessed and carried by the Lord. Remember, Matthew 6:33 tells us the secret of Keeping Christ AS Christmas and enjoying the days as they come:

“But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.”
With much love to each of you~

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