It took a week to write this post…

And humorously, it was originally entitled “ ‘You can do anything for 15 minutes’ says the Flylady.

While I completely agree with the Flylady’s theory, I learned – or re learned –

something this week that changes the statement just a bit. We had the privilege of keeping a precious baby in our home this week. She turned one on Thursday, and I love her as if she were my flesh and blood. It was great fun for our entire household. But, not having been in the baby stage in a long time, I didn’t get much else done all week long. I determined to soak up every moment with the baby and my own children, and decided that if we all ended each day with full stomachs and clean clothes, it could be considered a successful day. haha.  Boy! I sure had forgotten what life is like with a little one in the home. It’s both delightful and draining. 😉

I’m so grateful for the reminder.  As I serve the Lord and the women He has placed in my path, I’m thankful to be reminded of just how hard it is for the young moms to get everything done in a day’s time.  So when they show up at Bible study with their hair washed and fixed, and all of their questions answered, and when they talk about the sweet quiet times they’ve had with the Lord, I’ll be doubly amazed that they could get it all done.  And when they show up in their pj shirt with a squash or carrot stain on it, no questions answered, and desperate for a word from the Lord, I’ll know much better how to pray for these precious souls.  (grin)

The post I tried to write this week was going to be about deciding to spend just 15 minutes a time to improve the areas of life that have fallen short over the holidays. But I quickly realized that some of you dear ones don’t even have the extra 15 minutes to spend as you wish.  I didn’t.  😉  So if you don’t – you won’t get any guilt from me!  However, if you can find 15 minutes a day to make a difference in your life, I want to share a few resources that have helped me tremendously.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions – mostly because I never keep them.  Thus to lessen my sense of failure, I just don’t make them.  However, I do have some consistent habits that I’m always working on, and during the busy holiday time, I let them slip a bit or a lot.  So once the new year comes rolling around, I try to get back on track. 

The three areas of “back on track” that I usually need each January are in the Spirit, Home, and Health arenas.  To get myself back on track, I’ve learned to set a timer and spend 15 minutes doing something in each of these areas each day. 

The blog world is full of wonderful posts, people, ideas, and inspiration to help us get back “in control” of the heart, home, and life.  But I know that if I took the time to read all of the available “inspiration,” I’d never get up and get anything done.  So, when I need a jump start to get back in the saddle of keeping good habits, I turn to a few “pros” who have been part of my life for a long time.

To keep this post a readable length, I’ll be sharing those resources with you in the next few posts.  So, my friends, stay tuned, and may the Lord bless you as you bless and worship Him on Sunday. 🙂

To be continued …

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