Valentine Snack Mix – It’s about that time. :-)

“Love is in the air” – and on the shelves everywhere these days – since Valentines’ Day is just around the corner.  Of course, Pinterest is FULL of ideas for the cutest card and gifts and the most scrumptious looking treats, but I want to share a favorite of ours.  Actually, it’s my friend, Amy’s. 

Do you remember Amy’s Fall Mix?  The same basic ingredients (with a few changes) can be tossed together to make a delicious Valentine Mix.  This looks so pretty (and “professional”) in a clear crisp cellophane bag or a half-pint jar with a red or pink ribbon bow!  The possibilities are endless.  The mix is addictive.  The recipients will be elated.  Trust me on this…. 😉

Amy’s Valentine Mix

Sam’s Choice brand Indulgent Mix (from Wal Mart)
pink colored M&Ms
pink candy corns

++ I think that adding chocolate covered craisins would be a great addition to this mix, too.  

That’s it! Mix and enjoy.
Much love to you all… now and always…

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