Do you need more energy? (a give-away… not OF energy {grin} – but of HOW to get some!)

My friend has written a book on how to have more energy, and I’m giving one to you!  That’s right! And in honor of her release of this quick to read and full of God’s solution to her for more energy in her life e-book, I’ve written a little song… a little diddy, if you will.  {It’s sung to the tune of “Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone”}

Oh where, oh where has my energy gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?
With my days cut short and my lists cut long

Oh where, oh where can it be?

Haha.  Ever wonder where your energy has gone?  Me too.  To know if this book is for you or not, answer this simple question with a yes or no:

               Do you need more energy?

(Honestly, I only know of a few people over 35 who could answer that question with a “no”.)  So for the rest of us – if we need more energy, then we need this book.  😉

My friend writes a wonderful blog called Arabah – a showcase for His glory and writes under the anonymous name of Arabah Joy.  {But don’t be alarmed.  I know her in real life, and she is a real and wonderful person.  Arabah is associated with a blooming desert because of the breath of God over it – Isaiah 35:1-2.} Arabah Joy’s writing is deeply insightful and intensely honest.  She can be, because she writes anonymously and doesn’t have to tip-toe around subjects that God has breathed on her heart.  Her blog is a blessing to all who read it.

About the book:

This is what Arabah Joy shared on her blog the other day~

Today is worthy of celebration! For this is the day the LORD has made!

But the truth is that many days I wake up and wonder how I’m going to do it. I know what faces me on the other side of that door and fear creeps in. Uncertainty. Insecurity. Old messages that want to rob me of strength and joy.

This is when I implement my “energy plan,” a strategy honed over much time and with much prayer.

It all came to a head several years ago. Our family was serving overseas as missionaries and went through a very difficult season of life changes. Our stress levels skyrocketed while our network of support dropped to nearly non-existent.

Long story short… physically, mentally, and spiritually, I was wiped out. And I didn’t know where to begin to get back to “normal.”

As a wife, mom, and missionary, I found myself unable to serve in the ways God had given me to serve. Romans 12:11 commands us to “keep fueled and aflame” so that we can be servants of the Master.

During this trying time, I had to learn from scratch how to obey Romans 12:11. You see, up until then, I had served in my own trusty strength. I needed to learn God’s strength in my weakness. I had to develop a plan for renewing my mind, body, and spirit.

Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jump Start Your Energy is a plan based on my personal journey. I know how overwhelming life can be when you are, well, overwhelmed. For this reason Energy Explosion is packaged in a 7 Day format with step-by-step instructions for fueling the body, mind, and spirit.

One step at a time, this plan will help you:

~ implement proven strategies for increasing energy

~ address low grade energy sappers like anger, stress, and anxiety

~ identify your personal pitfalls that drain you mentally and spiritually

~ gain a biblical vision for what God is doing in your life circumstances

~ understand top energy foods and incorporate them into your meals {includes a section of delicious recipes}

~ renew your mind with scripture using the MIND Method of meditating

~ chart your progress with printables

And much more!

Plus, I have a group challenge planned for later this month. Doing Energy Explosion with others will provide extra motivation, encouragement, and support! I really want you {and me both!} to perform at our personal best and I believe this plan is a great tool for making that happen.

My prayer for this eBook is that it will provide readers with practical, realistic tools for fulfilling Romans 12:11 in their lives.

I’ve already begun implementing the strategies she shares and can tell a difference.  Honestly – I can – and they are so simple and practical that they don’t steal any “extra” time that steals our energy.  If you want more energy in your life, Check out the Energy Explosion info site (where you can buy the e-book – all forms – Kindle, Nook, ePub) and, join/like the Energy Explosion Facebook page (where you can participate in her 7 day challenge and find daily encouragement in getting back your lost energy).

You will thank me later for this.  You’re welcome. 😉

To win the one I’m giving away, just leave me a comment answering this question:

What is the one thing that most zaps your energy?

I’ll announce a winner on Thursday.  And if you’re reading this by e-mail, click here and go to the bottom of the blog post to leave the comment. 🙂

Blessings to you this week, my friends!  May we soon all be singing this new little diddy:

I know, I know where my energy’s gone ~
It’s back, I’m happy to see!
With my days cut short and my lists cut long

I’m now full of en-er-gy!


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