Telling the Easter Story – Make your own Resurrection EGGS

Years ago I made our family a set of “Resurrection Eggs” to teach the Truth of Easter. This was before the time of blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, and the only advertisement for Resurrection eggs was in a mail-out from a Christian book store. I thought it was such a creative idea… but the purchased ones were quite expensive, considering that the main cost investment to make my own would only be the 12 plastic eggs. So I researched the Scriptures, found some symbolic trinkets and make my own. It was a fun way to focus on a story we know so well that we tend to overlook the precious details. I’ve used them every year since – even in teaching adult women. Until last year. I can’t find them.

Few things were lost/misplaced in our move. But I’m thinking these eggs were one of them. Either I loaned them to someone and forgot, gave them to someone and forgot, or hurriedly shoved them in a storage box where they didn’t belong and forgot, then dumped the whole thing during the move. I don’t even have any pictures to show you.  So I’ll be making a new set this week and will be using them with my family and my adult ladies’ Sunday school class.  {In my opinion, you’re never too old to enjoy the wonders of the Scriptures!}

We used these eggs in our home each year as “toys” for games and quiet times. Some days I would hide the eggs in the yard or house, then when all were collected, we’d open them and tell the story. They can also be used to teach number sequence. You could even use them as an “Easter Advent” count down to Easter – opening one or two eggs each day working up to the empty tomb egg on Easter morning. We have lots of memories attached to our humble little homemade Resurrection Egg set…

Want to make your own set? Copy and cut apart the Scriptures and stories below. Gather something {small enough to fit in an egg} that represents each specific event, gather 12 eggs and an egg carton, and start stuffing.  If you have young children at home, let them help you find each item around the house. If you can’t find a specific item, draw or print a picture of it. We’ve used various items for each egg, since the contents often get lost in use.   If you are blessed to live near a hobby or craft store, check the “miniature” section for ideas.  Ask God for creativity and enjoy sharing this Truth of Easter with those around you in this fun and unique way.

Click here for the downloadable PDF.  {If for some reason you can’t open this PDF, click here, and you can copy and paste into your own word doc.} Print on colored paper and follow the directions on page 1.   May you be blessed as you focus on each of the 18 parts of the beautiful story of Easter!

Now, for a personal request:  I’m traveling to Nashville to speak for a ladies’ event at Tulip Grove Baptist Church.  If it comes to your mind, I’d very much appreciate your prayers as I travel and share and travel back home on Sunday.   Lots of women events are happening across America this weekend.  May the Lord work in a mighty way in every place for His beautiful glory!!!  Thank you, friends!  🙂 

PS: Sunday, April 1st, is a very special day to me.  It’s the day that God completely changed  the entire existence of our little family when He miraculously healed me.  I share the story every year… and absolutely can’t wait to post it on Sunday. PTL!   Blessed weekend to you all~


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