A beautiful Truth: God is fully aware!

“Behold, I go forward [and to the east],
but He is not there;
I go backward [and to the west],
but I cannot perceive Him;

On the left hand [and to the north] where He works [I seek Him],
but I cannot behold Him;
He turns Himself to the right hand [and to the south],
but I cannot see Him.

But He knows the way that I take
[He has concern for it, appreciates, and pays attention to it].

When He has tried me,
I shall come forth as refined gold [pure and luminous].”

Job 23:8-10 (Amp)

If you have ever wondered where God is in your situation – or if God has lost sight of you – be encouraged and strengthened through the Truth of His Word. You may lose sight of God and what He is doing in and around your current situations – but HE HAS NOT LOST SIGHT OF YOU!

And when He has finished working in and around and through this season of our lives – you – and I – will come forth as refined gold… pure, luminous, beautiful, shiny, and reflective of His glory!

God is fully aware. He knows the way that we take! And He loves us sacrifically.

I love ya too! Blessings to you this Sunday…

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